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Writing Been able to excel in business is one thought that hunt numerous business executive, in fact it is perfect to observe that most persons within the frame work of starting their own business, always have the fear of either failing or losing their investments, time and energies to unexpected events like market down turn and others. But the case is different for this mentor of mine; Katie Williams is indeed an exception. Katie Williams career in business started in the year 1984 when Fairfield Owner approached her with a proposition for her to join his firm as a marketing agent.. And fully move in so as to make a success out of Fairfield Marketing and infomercial business. See the need to approach the needs of clients and TV viewers; she decided to launch her firm, which she started in the year 1987. Williams Worldwide Inc. started in the year 1987 from her living room with just an assistant, but later grew with over 25 persons working an approximate time limit of 7 hours. With the need for expansion she later moved to other office .plex. According to the pioneering founder Katie Williams, the secret of her success lies solely in her ability to motivate her team to persevere in other to produce result. In an interview section conducted in 2010, she boldly said, the only secret to her success lies in her ability to be faithful in little, while handling each and every project as if it was her only project while having in mind that her customer is the reason she is in business. From 1987, when her .pany started, she had serviced so many firms and conglomerates such as Dell, Oral B and lots more. In fact, the market perceived her as a great .petition while her customers attached success to her career because she was able to deliver each project, timely and with lots of quality. Been able to excel this far, organization sort after her services and in 1991, she was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year for the city of Los Angeles in 1991. Before she sold the .pany in 1999, the firm ranked the number one woman-owned business in Los Angeles County in 1993 and for five years tops the chart in international Business Journals. Been able to excel this far, .anization sort after her services and in 1991, she was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year for the city of Los Angeles in 1991. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: