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Traffic-Building Every one who has a website would tell you that all you need to make money is visitors. One of the best ways to get a constant supply of visitors is links. The more links you have pointing towards your website homepage the more traffic you will have. Blogging Most of us have an idea of what a blog is, but for those who don’t know a blog is basically an online diary or journal where an individual can write about anything that interests them, the information is usually stored in chronological order. In the comment section of a blog it allows persons visiting to leave there own thoughts regarding the particular subject and encourages visitors to re-visit to read about what others had to say about the particular subject, so eventually a community can be formed. So once you start a blog all you need to do is link it to your website homepage and Bam instant visitors. Two way linking or reciprocal linking is basically swapping links with another website owner. It is a very popular way of getting links to your website but can be very time consuming, you need to contact the owner of the site that you might be interested in and agree to engage in reciprocal linking. It would really helpful to your website if you can get very popular sites with very high page rank to link with yours. This strategy can increase the amount of traffic you get to your own site. Articles -You can use your own articles to promote any website, product or affiliate program, you can create an avalanche of targeted visitors if you can produce a couple of high quality articles per day. How this works is to write articles based on the program or product you are promoting and submit them free to articles directories and online publishers, there are also thousands of websites owners that need content and would accept your article to there directory, simply place your link on the article and that’s it, Thousands of people who visit these sites and read your article and are interested in it would be encouraged to check out your site. That’s it thousand of targeted visitors. One way linking or Directory Linking This also requires some time and effort, how this works is finding highly page ranked sites a submitting your URL to there directory manually. This helps build your link popularity but can be very expensive. Choosing the correct category page where your site will be listed is very important, you should do some checking to find out the page rank and ranking of the site you want to submit to. There are millions of sites inviting you to link with them, to find these sites just do a Google search and type in the phrase submit your URL or add your link. Forums – this is a very time consuming method but one that can pay big if done correctly. How this works is that you register with them and post threads of your own or make posts to other threads already submitted. Every time you make a post your link can be placed in that post. Forums are normally spidered by search engines regularly because of its constant fresh content. In forums you can also find interested customers or potential partners that you can linkup with. This is a great way to get traffic. These are just a handful of free strategies that can get traffic to your site. Hope this information helps you make lots of money. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: