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Motorcycles Fossil fuels have damaged the environment beyond repair. However there is still some hope left and concrete action taken in this step can restore normalcy. One of the biggest innovation in the field of technology are e bikes which provide a clean source of transportation and will surely play a big hand in achieving a synergy between technology and environment. All that is required is to create an awareness for these vehicles. The e bikes are basically sophisticated machines which use power propelled pedals. These bikes have green written all over them and hence have a very soothing impact on the environment. The basic fact that energy is derived from green battery makes the e bike environmental friendly and also helps you to beat the rising cost of petrol! The e bikes .es under the purview of the larger environmental regulations. There are strict regulations pertaining to the environmental aspects of the e biles. These are related to the material of construction, product safety, electro magnetic .patibility(EMC) and low voltage characteristics. An adherence to the above factors ensure that the bike proves to be environmental friendly. The EMC is also an important feature which ensures the acceptability of use for the various electrical devices. The EMC ensures that there is no interference between the electrical circuits of the bike and other life saving electrical equipments like pacemaker or even hearing aids. A superior technology will ensure that all the equipments ensure with zero interference and hence operate at their maximum efficiency. The e bikes also help to considerable reduce the emission levels and hence has a very positive impact on environment. Transport contributes to about 20 to 25 percent of the total carbon dioxide emissions on the earth. The e bikes are be.ing the focal point of transport planning across the biggest cities of the world. The e bikes can help to reduce congestion drastically and hence make traffic management easier. The e bikes own much of their efficiency to the use of specialized cells which does not use cobalt and hence prove to be non toxic and also .es at lower cost. The LiFePo4 cells prove to be simply perfect for the purpose of electric bikes and makes them very light weight. You can carry the electric folding bike wherever you go! Electric Bikes and Batteries offer e bikes. The website electric-bicycle…au provides .plete information about the .pany. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: