Temples To Visit While Booking Air Tickets To Thailand-下北glory days

Aviation Travellers usually take Thailand flights to indulge in the countrys mesmerizing beaches, treat their taste buds to culinary wonders at restaurants like Sarasota, Sala Rim Naam, Breeze, and Rang Mahal, and experience a sinfully spicy nightlife. The country is also popular for some of the most well known Buddhist temples in the world and for many visitors a Thailand trip remains in.plete without a stopover at these temples. Check out the hot spots for a temple odyssey in Thailand. Temple of the Golden Buddha The Temple of the Golden Buddha at Wat Traimit is renowned throughout the world. The Buddha statue here is supposed to be on of the largest such statues on the planet to be made in solid gold. In fact, this statue has even earned Thailand the nickname of Land of the Golden Buddha. Visitors from far and near book Air Tickets to Thailand with a visit to this temple as one of the most significant priorities on their itinerary. In fact, most people who are aware of the history of the Golden Buddha can not help visiting it. Measuring some 10 feet in length, this statue was probably made centuries ago. Due to some reason, the statue was covered in plaster and people remained oblivious to the fact that it was made of gold. However, about sixty years back the statue was accidentally damaged and some of the plaster wore off. It was only then that the long lost fact about the statues golden origins was revealed to mankind. Wat Suthat The Wat Suthat is a startling fusion of Buddhism and Hinduism. A Hindu Brahmin conducts the rituals every year with great devotion and the temple also serves as home for the priest. The presence of a huge Chinese type red swing frame and the Chinese pagodas depicting the Buddha’s different reincarnations smacks of rich Chinese influence. The main deity is the huge Buddha image of Phra Sri Sakyamuni Buddha. The temple was built during the times of King Rama I, King Rama II, and King Rama III. Wat Arun Rajwaram The Wat Arun Rajwaram or Temple of Dawn is named after the Indian God of dawn and is a major landmark in Thailand. Standing tall at over 200 feet, the temple emerges as a rare spectacle when daylight reflects off its roof at the crack of dawn. The presiding Buddha image here is said to have been personally cast by King Rama II. Even the ashes of the late king have been buried at the base of the statue. Wat Phra Kaew The Wat Phra Kaew temple is home to the renowned statue of the Emerald Buddha. According to legend, the statue has Indian origins, while history suggests that the Emerald Buddha was found in Cambodia. The temple is located within the .pound of the historic Grand Palace and it is said that only His Majesty is allowed to touch the Emerald Buddha. The statue symbolises victory. The temple is also famous for the two libraries stocked with rare Buddhist manuscripts. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: