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Investing Secura, the investment management company is supported by Hi LITE group under the guidance of reputed business professionals. It offers investment management services to real estate investment trusts, venture capital funds, mutual funds, private equity funds, offshore funds and others. Secura India Real Estate Fund is the Keralas first SEBI registered real estate venture capital fund (VCF) and is the first Shariah complaint Venture capital Fund in India. The Investment Management Team of Secura comprise of highly talented and experienced professionals in real estate , corporate, legal, construction, finance, retail, development and other zones. It has proven efficiency in Investment management and professional fund management services. Along with professional fund management and Investment management services, Secura does Leasing of spaces, Project management and Corporate, Management and Legal consultancy services. Unique standards have been put forward by Secura in the Venture Capital Business as well as in the Shariah compiled fiscal replica in India. Securas long-term goal is to provide fund contributors with superior risk adjusted and ethical returns and to offer Secura Portfolio Companies with stable long term funds and expert business guidance. It also aims to present employees with an enriching and socially fulfilling work environment and to enable Secura Promoters to utilize their expertise and experience to mentor entrepreneurs and obtain sustainable, sensible and ethical returns. Professional fund management services set forth by Secura helps in managing the fund that starts from its structuring till the end through the entire life span. It is Secura that describes and line up the fund structuring, legal set-up, tax method, regulatory matters, fiscal matters etc. for the fund. The structured fund investments are managed by Secura Investment Management Company considering the current market situation, potential investment zone and several other factors. Secura identifies all the possible investment options and market grounds and are assessed and decided within its expertise. The fund operations are directed based on structure and charter in order to achieve its defined objectives. Secura supports Islamic finance as it is the first Shariah complaint real estate Venture Capital Fund. This was created as a subsidiary trust under the prerequisites of Indian Trust Act, 1882. Islamic banking system set forth by Secura operates by integrating ethical and moral values in banking operations. Secura gathers fund from retail financiers and are put together into a pool of investments. This investment pool is then kept in a conservative bank under a current account, which pays 0% of interest. Units are then issues as per the face value till the initial closing. After that, it charges 2-4% of premium to the investors who are ready to invest after the initial closing. Premium is permissible only as per the Shariah law, because, it is the extra resource brought out by the shareholders who have invested at an earlier stage to share returns in proportion with their counterparts. Secura does not buy back the unit amount, if the installment gets lapsed. Entrepreneurs are interested in JVs with Secura in developing commercial, retail or residential lands in Kerala. It divides funds among 4 or 5 projects, and each and every step of the investment and payouts is being monitored by TASIS, the Shariah Certification Firm. It is TASIS that does Shariah inspection during every three months. The key benefit of investing fund in mutual fund companies like Secura is that they frequently bid diversification. Mutual fund investment at Secura is an easy way to get into the current stock market, and is also said to be the one that minimizes tax liability, exclusive and obsolete investment vehicle. Some of the indian Mutual funds are investing directly on to a private equity firms . Shareholders who are interested in extended time horizons can get profited from investments in the form of business financing or purchasing, when making invests in a private equity company like that of Secura. For more information please visit About the Author: Secura is the first SEBI registered Venture Capital Fund in India, supported by Hi LITE Group. We are also one of the first Shariah Complaint Venture Capital Fund, which offer Investment management overhauls to Venture Capital Fund, REITs, offshore funds, Mutual funds and private equity funds. We are endowed with Professional Fund Management and Leasing Management Services. Secura Joint Ventures with entrepreneurs in building up commercial, retail or residential assets. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Investing 相关的主题文章: