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UnCategorized London’s West End features a wide variety of musicals, plays and .edies that are sure to please almost everyone. Here’s a guide to some of some of the hottest musicals, plays and .edies that are currently showing at London’s West End. West End Musicals The West End usually features a wide variety of musicals that span many different genres and eras. This trend is continuing nowadays as several classic musicals and new spins-offs on old favourites continue to dominate the West End. Here are brief reviews of some musicals currently playing that continue to be favourites: Chicago: This version of the classic play is a This classic musical is set in 1920’s Chicago and features twilight showgirl Roxie Hart’s adventures to beat off murder charges that are setting back her career in show business. It also features her media-savvy and arrogant lawyer Flynn who uses gusto and outright showboating to help Roxie contest the murder charges. As time progresses, Flynn’s swashbuckling antics turn Roxie’s case into a 1920s media extravaganza. Hair: This timeless 1960s classic musical about a group of New York City hippies protesting against social injustices and the war in Vietnam gets a nice modern treatment in this adaption by director Diane Paulus. When one of the characters named Claude gets drafted into military service in Asia, Paulus does a nice job showing viewers an intimate look at his feelings and reactions to the group’s protests. Don’t forget to watch for songs such as the theme from ‘Hair’ and ‘Let the Sunshine In’ that made the musical in the first place. Plays Now that you know which musicals are doing well at the West End, let’s have a look at the plays that call West End home. The West End is currently showing plays that include classic whodunits and modern plays that try to make sense of current social issues. This is the case because West End theatres are showing several plays that feature classic murder mysteries, contemporary twists on old favourites and modern plays that try to make sense out of our current economic problems. If you like these sorts of plays, here are a couple that are worth watching. Enron: Lucy Prebble’s look at the infamous melt-down of one of America’s largest energy .panies is handled nicely by director Rupert Goold. Goold uses contemporary videos and music to shed a new light on Enron’s melt-down and today’s current economic bind. In addition, try to find all of the references about the 1990’s in this play. It will make watching Enron more .pelling. The Mouse Trap: David Turner’s fun and spirited adaptation of Agatha Christie’s enjoyable murder mystery has been in production at the West End since 1974! This is true because Turner’s look at how a group of friends gathered together in a remote area of England’s countryside resolve a murder mystery amongst them is top-notch! Can you figure out who is the murderer in the play? .edies London’s West End is also famous for staging funny .edies that are sure to tickle people’s funny bones. Here are a few .edies that take silliness to a whole new high. Grumpy Old Women Live 2 – Chin up Britain!: This very silly adaptation of a popular BBC Television programme teaches viewers how to handle today’s current economic and social messes with grumpy .posure and even grumpier mayhem. Antics include never-before silliness that describes ‘Why the Recession is Good for Our Kids’ and a great how-to-guide that demonstrates how to have fantastic ‘Grumpy Rumpy Pumpy’ that is sure to make your sides hurt. The 39 Steps: This is a .ical treatment of a 1935 Alford Hitchcock’s classic move thriller that features four actors playing over 150 roles who promise to perform every scene from this thriller very, very quickly. Mayhem and chaos are used to create silly farces out of such legendary scenes as the controversial ‘stockings and suspenders’ scene and the ‘Escape on the Forth Bridge’ scene that is bound to make Hitchcock fans laugh in hysterics. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: