62Universal insurance to a new hot spot gradually withdraw from the diving is expected in shock after |Universal insurance to a new hot spot gradually withdraw from the diving is expected in shock after 1

Universal insurance A shares to gradually withdraw from the new hot spot in shock after diving is expected to emerge [] aviation securities today the two cities opened lower after the rapid decline in amplitude, began a wave of recovery in 9:37, 10:37 down again and hit intraday low, before the midday close at the afternoon stock index rebounded slightly; slow to rise, leading the GEM board; hot surface: time shares, glyphosate, vitamins, steel, brokerage, media and entertainment, environmental protection sector performance is good; overall: today the market adjusted prices showed obvious. For the recent market, AVIC securities Fan Bo continue to emphasize in the post Shanghai refers to the realistic pressure near the line, the deeper the hot plate is scattered and disorderly, and continued to fall to the pre mainstream plate leading Hengda Three Musketeers, August 17th real estate plate at the top of our special blog "mainstream plate differentiation revealed what signals", first pointed out that the risk of the real estate sector, the sector continued to decline confirms our anticipation. Although investors will be attributed to the decline in the market today, the reason for the gradual withdrawal of universal insurance, but we believe that this is just a fuse, not the core reason, I hope investors can deeply understand the logic. In yesterday’s "hot market in urgent need of new energy" post Fan Bo spoke of two segments: AR and new shares; the first global virtual reality and augmented reality China summit will be held in Shanghai on September 2016 7-8, for this section we believe that the short-term effect is obvious, because the A stock speculation is the basic logic of the plate before the meeting active probability is high, after is expected to gradually fade; while the second new plate is our continued emphasis on a plate tracking, since May and June IPO performance is very active in the recent two months, gaosongzhuan plate strong thunder, prompting new shares in a section of the overall trend adjustment, and with high transfer gradually to run, hot speculation conversion will come, we must keep track of new shares, is the focus on potential varieties To make a reservation for the next stage. Summary: today the market fell on the surface is caused by the gradual withdrawal of universal insurance, and the core is the cause of the change of market structure, from the side view of short-term risk release also indicates that the hot conversion frequency is accelerated, the new hot spot is expected to emerge in shock after.