62This can make a woman never derailed|This can make a woman never derailed2

This can make a woman never derailed derailed in the city of men and women in love more and more common, women sometimes can not stop the "wild flower" attraction. Recently, the United States, "health" magazine on the author, analysis of the reasons for the derailment of women. Mischief. The British Saint Thomas Hospital in London found cheating women, there are 44% genes from the mother. The best way to overcome the effects of the deception is to enjoy sex. Gene expert Terry said: "sex can release high concentrations of" loyalty ", can inhibit the hormones’ bad ‘chromosome effect." Sex lasts for more than 5 minutes, and the hormone is released to the maximum extent. Source: Oriental IC menstrual effects. The University of Indiana in the United States pointed out that the period of tenth to 18 days is a high-risk period, when the female sex hormone levels peaked, more likely to choose short-term partners. If women exercise two times a week, the level of sex hormones can be significantly reduced. So the husband should often take wife movement. Common interest. University of Canberra, Australia, research shows that if a woman is through some kind of activity, such as dance classes, etc., to meet other men, the probability of having a negative feeling after the derailment will decline. If more than two hours a week with the same sex in a non working environment, the probability of derailment will increase by a factor of 3. Self reward. If women feel that they are left out, it may be derailed with other men, to reward themselves. A study by the University of Maryland in the United States found that 80% of women explained their betrayal. Farrel, a leading researcher, suggests that if a man is to cultivate a sense of intimacy with his wife, he or she should actively listen to the partner, in each other’s narrative, every 30 seconds to nod or frown. Be careful of the former. The most dangerous person is the most familiar person. Psychology expert Juliet said: "women need emotional investment, it may be a romantic affair with someone, and the past lover or love object will have such potential." Juliet said that only when women feel insecure with you, will think of the former. So the husband had to make his wife feel safe and solve her worries.