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Small class: which children’s diseases can affect brain development? Sohu – just when the mother’s health is not enough time to enjoy the joy of babies, let’s "little mother" who was too busy to attend to all. The baby is sick, mothers always worry: milk is not defective stomach? The fever will turn the child’s head to burn out? Eat anti-inflammatory drugs will not affect the child’s brain development? In fact, you do not have to worry too much about: many diseases will not affect the mental development of children, but the mothers cannot let down, because of improper care or treatment, some diseases did affect the mental development of children. For mothers, the most important thing is to let the child in time for medical treatment in order to reduce the adverse effects of disease. The first is whooping cough: if the disease is not treated in time, it is likely to cause pertussis encephalopathy, resulting in epilepsy, mental retardation, brain edema and other symptoms. Pertussis got attention to warm cold, do not let the child contact with suspected pertussis children, can also go to the hospital by needle injection related. Toxic bacillary dysentery: This is 3 ~ 5 years old children are more likely to get a disease. Have a high fever, coma, convulsions and other symptoms. As the toxins produced by bacteria can directly damage the nervous system, stimulate the brain tissue, so often lead to brain hypoxia in children, thus affecting intelligence. If you are not careful, you should add enough vitamins to enhance immunity. Once sick, should pay attention to cooling, oxygen, in order to reduce the impact of hypoxia on the child’s brain. Tetanus caused by trauma: due to the fact that it will not only cause muscle tension, but also affect the development of motor nerve, it may also lead to necrosis and myocardial injury. Tetanus is very important for children’s physical and mental health. Once it happens, the main mitigation measures is a thorough cleaning the wound, and follow the doctor’s advice, Tetanus Antitoxin injection. "Red eyes", is a child often get eye infections, as long as it is due to infection by bacteria, viruses, or accidentally fall into the eyes of dust and foreign bodies and other reasons. This disease does not seem serious, in fact, if not timely treatment, then the bacteria or viruses will further hit the brain, resulting in the impact of intelligence. To remind the children not with eye diseases children play, once sick children should be treated in isolation, but be careful not to let the children rub sick eyes. Also try not to bring the child to the decoration of the house is not completed, it is easy to cause mercury poisoning in children, because the paint contains a large amount of mercury. Especially not to let the baby contact with the hands of the wet paint the walls or wallpaper, lest they habitually put the hand into the mouth is full of paint. Mercury poisoning can lead to varying degrees of paralysis and mental retardation. Also have to pay attention to is: the lack of self-control baby, in the face of their favorite candy, sweets, they can not help but eat to eat. Easy to suffer from respiratory and digestive system disease, or ketoacidosis, causing damage to brain cells, affecting brain development. In addition to hydrocephalus, tethered cord syndrome, larger intracranial arachnoid cyst will cause the baby brain development is affected, the need for.