Chairman of the Federal Reserve stressed that the economic outlook risk or postpone interest rate hi-若槻ゆうか

Fed chairman stressed the risk of economic outlook or postponed interest rates picture: Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen. In new network on 11 February, according to U.S. media reported on 10, the Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen attended the hearing of the US Congress, the Federal Reserve announced Yellen submitted to the Congress of the United States. In testimony, Yellen pointed out the risk factors that affect the economic outlook, saying that these factors may allow the fed to postpone interest rate increase plan. According to reports, from Yellen submitted to the congressional testimony, she did not give a clear answer whether the future interest rate hike postponed, but she repeatedly pointed out that the risk factors in the economy, that her pessimistic view on the economy. This means that the Federal Reserve raised interest rates in December last year, will be cautious about further interest rate action in the future. She predicts that the situation will allow "gradual interest rate hikes" and says "monetary policy has no default trajectory."". Yellen said in his testimony that the prospects for economic growth remain uncertain, especially when the economic changes abroad pose a risk to us economic growth. Yellen said that the financial situation has weakened to support economic growth, prices generally decline, high risk borrowers borrowing costs higher, further devaluation of the dollar. These developments, if sustained, may put pressure on economic activity and the labor market, although long-term interest rates and falling oil prices offset some of their pressure. Inflation, said Yellen, the U.S. Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) expects that inflation will rise to 2% in the medium term, but in the short term will remain low. Yellen said, "labor market indicators show steady improvement, there are still some relaxation; employment growth and wage growth accelerated should support the actual income increase, and thus support consumer spending; overseas due to the highly accommodative monetary policy, global economic growth will increase with the passage of time the fed to raise interest rates for the first time opened 10 years in the last 12 months meeting. At the time, Federal Reserve officials expected to raise interest rates four times this year. However, with the development of the new year situation, investors are highly skeptical. CME data show that the federal funds rate futures market, traders believe that the Fed will not at the March 15~16 meeting on interest rates, only 19% of the annual interest rate hike this year probability. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

美联储主席强调经济前景风险多 或推迟加息 资料图片:美联储主席耶伦。   中新网2月11日电 据美媒10日报道,美联储主席耶伦出席美国国会听证会,美联储公布了耶伦递交给美国国会的证词。在证词中,耶伦指出了影响经济前景的风险因素,称这些因素可能使得美联储推迟加息计划。   据报道,从耶伦递交给美国国会的证词来看,她并未就未来是否推迟加息给出明确回答,但她反复指出经济中的风险因素,表明她对经济的看法偏悲观。这意味着,美联储在去年12月加息后,对未来进一步加息行动会表示谨慎。她预计形势发展将允许“仅以渐进方式加息”,并称“货币政策没有预设轨道”。   耶伦在证词中称,经济增长前景仍然充满不确定性,尤其是海外经济变化对美国经济增长带来风险。   耶伦表示,金融状况对经济增长的支撑作用有所减弱,股价普遍下跌,高风险借贷者的借贷成本走高,美元进一步升值。这些进展若持续下去,可能会令经济活动及劳动市场承压,尽管,长期利率及油价下跌抵消了其部分压力。   通胀方面,耶伦称,美国联邦公开市场委员会(FOMC)预计通胀将在中期内升至2%的目标,但短期内将维持低位。   耶伦称,“劳动力市场指标显示出“稳固好转”,仍存在一些松弛;就业持续增长和薪资增长加快应当会支持实际收入提高,进而支持消费开支;得益于海外高度宽松的货币政策,全球经济增长随时间推移将会提高”   美联储在去年12月会议上开启十年来首次加息。当时,美联储官员们预计今年会加息四次。然而随着新年以来形势的发展,投资者对此持高度怀疑态度。   CME数据显示,从联邦基金利率期货市场走势看,交易员们认为美联储在3月15~16日会议上不会加息,今年全年加息的概率也只有19%。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: