61Never finish! Neymar was sent to the court case prosecutors convicted.|Never finish! Neymar was sent to the court case prosecutors convicted.7

Never finish! Neymar was sent to the court case prosecutors convicted. Neymar also will be summoned to court to sina sports news on the pitch, Neymar this season, whether in Barcelona or in the Brazil national team are eye-catching performance, but in addition to the stadium, Neymar’s story is another plot. The first move from Santos to Barcelona contract continues to haunt Neymar, and then he will have to respond to the court. According to Spain "Marca" reported that prosecutors in Spain has asked judge Neymar, Neymar’s father, former Barcelona President Russell, Barcelona club and the Santos Club alleged fraud and commercial corruption case. Prosecutors believe that at the time of Neymar’s transfer to Barcelona, these people and two clubs have deceived the ownership of the Brazil 40% DIS. The Spanish national court judge Jose de la Mata had been sealed in the case, that the parties do not suspected of a crime, the Criminal Court however the national court has asked the judge to cancel the file storage, the case reopened. Prosecutors believe that Neymar and others suspected of fraud and commercial corruption, conceal the true transfer price of Neymar, a serious damage to the interests of the DIS company. In the prosecutor’s request, the national court judge Mata will reopen the case, and Neymar will also be summoned to the court case. For those who have always wanted to Neymar, who sent to court prosecutors, this is a small victory. Prosecutors have always believed that Neymar, Neymar’s father, the former president of the club and Rodrigues, the former president of the United States, are guilty of the crime of. (Yi Wan)