600 years of art, GBF global imports of goods directly into the center of the trip


2016 Ji’nan Xicheng, are undergoing changes in turn the world upside down in real estate, pension, transportation, culture and art, all aspects of tourism, especially the development of culture and tourism industry, more and more attention by all circles of the society. The afternoon of January 7, 2017, Ji’nan city brought together a large number of major travel agencies in Ji’nan and the person in charge of the media reporters in tourism. The Ji’nan west line, aims to expand the city and GBF time art global imports direct mining center experience.


shuttle big exhibition hall in time art city of 16000 square meters, in the time of Art City staff to explain the lead, Ji’nan each big travel agency and the media reporters watched the time travel port city of art are on display at the time: "through the wave Luo from Mark era to contemporary art and 1416-2016 European and American Art Exhibition", and the time for art city on the first floor shops, bookstores, art derivatives two floor, third floor of the auction hall, cafe, restaurant, auction hall and membership activities were investigated.


the end of the tour, Italy cultural center, chairman of the international famous curators, time art city art director Wen Qinzuo · Mr. Sangfu for everyone to bring a lecture with international fan children: "art collection and investment" tourists, he combined with the present situation of the tourism and art investment and collection and other related knowledge. How to expand the share of art, in the process of tourism souvenirs collection with everyone, we have benefited from.



the end of the lecture, travel agencies, media reporters and time art city, GBF officials launched a small forum, Xicheng group related to leadership, the Municipal Tourism Commission leadership, time art city responsible person at the forum has been launched in the western tourism, culture, art, speech, and answered the questions of the journalists.


after the time to visit the city of art, the travel agencies, media reporters came to the GBF global commodity direct mining center. From the West Group and GBF together to create a global commodity direct mining center has been in operation for more than a year, is a direct mining center full of art atmosphere, art, luxury jewelry, imported food products to consumers together, create high-end, comfortable shopping experience. The store uses high-end display containers and decoration, scientific layout and display, so that consumers enjoy the western food while enjoying the VIP high-end services. In addition, the antique furniture and oil painting of the European cultural and Art Center, through the display of the model room and the creation of the noble quality atmosphere, let consumers enjoy the elegant style of European classical furniture and exquisite handicrafts. Ji’nan GBF global commodity direct mining global procurement center, adequate volume, "synchronized with the European price", through the direct marketing platform, let consumers China;