5Zhang Shuaichong Rio Olympic seats the dawn of the second longest winning streak in career harvest|Zhang Shuaichong Rio Olympic seats the dawn of the second longest winning streak in career harvest

Zhang Shuaichong Rio Olympic seats to reproduce dawn harvest career for the second longest winning streak in Zhang Shuai sina sports news Beijing time news on January 27, although two disc not enemy British players Kunta, missed the Australian Open women’s singles semi-finals, but Chinese girl Zhang Shuai has become Melbourne "miracle" synonymous with, the breakout from qualifying, all the way into the quarterfinals, create the career second long seven game winning streak. A substantial increase in the same time also helped her to the impact of the Rio Olympic seats. This year in Melbourne, Zhang Shuai with actual performance has written a exciting inspirational legend, from the qualifying round at the end of the long plate Lectra veteran Razzano breakthrough, to first round upset eliminated the No. 2 seed halep, harvest Grand Slam victory in the first, then has to be ranked by opponents before the cut sacked, stand on the 1 / 4 finals stage. This wave of seven game winning streak to become Zhang Shuai career second longest winning streak (career for a maximum of nine game winning streak, the 2013 broadcasting network won the crown in the first and in Ningbo Station finals), more important is, this is achieved in the more notable is the Grand Slam. Zhang Shuai in the fourth round of reversal American star Keith said: "usually, when there are people in Grand Slam win six, she should in the final." And with the tap hole of the game against is Zhang Shuai in eight games in the Australian Open, continuous play but also let Zhang Shuai physical encounter on the test, to play a inevitably affected. Although no further, but 2016 Melbourne to let Zhang Shuai left with full of harvest, in addition to confidence, Zhang Shuai will also receive 470 points and 40 million Australian dollars (US $28 million, 183.5 million RMB) tournament prize. As is known to all, this year is the Olympic year. At present, Zhang Shuai instant ranking has risen to the 64 bit, and the Olympic Games singles 64 sign (wild card, but each country there can be at most 4 contestants). Taking into account the Zhang Shuai in the doldrums last year and Wimbledon before harvest only a mere four field victory, so Zhang Shuai in the next season and great rise space, is expected to lock the Rio Olympics singles seats. Melbourne’s magic tour for Zhang Shuai’s career, the most important harvest is a substantial increase in confidence in the face of strong opponents, able to maintain a stable state of mind, tenacious struggle. Tianjin girl has said it will adjust the entry strategy, streamline the number, will focus more on major events. Failed to continue to create miracles, although regrettable, but let us look forward to Zhang Shuai in the next major events have better performance, continue to write to her inspirational story! (Chen)