5Zhan Shuping Sun Mengran took the team playoff fight Liaoning Xie MVP|Zhan Shuping Sun Mengran took the team playoff fight Liaoning Xie MVP

Zhan Shuping: sun Mengran MVP 1 months in Xiamen Xinhua News Agency lipin Xie playoff team Liaoning Zhan Shuping smile 30 sports news (reporter Liu Yang Subin) Southern Star team should be 30 days to 108:97 beat North Star team, take the 2016 women’s National Basketball League (WCBA) All Star game victory. Sun Mengran get the most value player (MVP) award. Southern Star coach Zhan Shuping in an interview with Xinhua News Agency reporter, said Sun Mengran’s MVP is the result of joint efforts of all members of the team, to thank all the efforts of the players. "Personal honor was acquired by Sun Mengran, but this is the result of the joint efforts of the Southern Star team. Basketball is a team project, under the efforts of all the people, she Sun Mengran) in points, rebounds, and reflects the extremely high efficiency, has been the most valuable player, thanks to the efforts of all the players, "Zhan Shuping said. Xinjiang women’s basketball Zhan Shuping coached in the regular season performance is a bright eyes, as a new army in the league this year, the Xinjiang team through the three stages of competition, eventually to the identity of the regular season championship qualify for the playoffs. Prospect in the playoffs began on February 2, Zhan Shuping said into the playoffs. The front of the rankings have become in the past, the next will be a shooting competition. Xinjiang team will be in the first round of the playoffs to face the Liaoning team through the playoffs. "For the team, the first round of the game is very important. We got the first in the regular season, but if you lose the first round, in front of the rankings will no longer have any meaning, so we must first consider the game with the Liaoning team, Zhan Shuping said. Zhan Shuping said, although from the point of view of the rankings, Team Liaoning and Xinjiang team has certain gap, but, from the strength of speaking, the Liaoning team is not worse than their team, plays very competitor, so the team can not be before ranking the influence to fully prepare for, into the semi-finals before it can be considered behind things. Compared to the results, the Xinjiang team players through the three stages of the development of the game, it is to let Zhan Shuping see in the eyes, like in the heart. "The players have been tested through the previous games and have overcome a lot of difficulties. Team only old player mazengyu in the first stage is foot sprain and other players in the back of the game withstood a lot of pressure, the team running the season started much better, "she said.