5Women spend about 700000 blind date did not find love dating her to see the 43 men – Beijing|Women spend about 700000 blind date did not find love dating her to see the 43 men – Beijing

Women spend about 700000 blind date did not find true love dating: how much money she saw 43 men in the new network – the value of true love? Or how much money can be spent to find true love? This issue, so that after 80 Hangzhou miss the more the more sad. She was commissioned to find Mr. Right dating results, pay about 700000 yuan fee is not a dating service, satisfaction. Ms. Gao was wronged, she said she is not too demanding, her hard taping is her age less than 5 years old. But a matchmaking company is entirely a lie — matchmaking company for her pay 60 million commitment to her find unmarried, assets billion the quality of men, but she went to see the then, the man has nothing to do with the agreed conditions. "I was deceived, and now this money will not be returned to me. I just want to tell you my story, don’t be fooled again……" Matchmaking company relevant responsible person said: "we didn’t lie to her. She had met 43 men haven’t find true love…" Over 60 million service fees can be introduced the net worth of millions of Ms. Gao is 80, plump and well-off family, cross-border, age gently with the own company. In her own words, is regarded as a woman. Although the career is very successful, but in terms of marital relationships, Ms. Gao is a bit not smooth. Because of personality clashes with her ex husband, and life habits, two people will do, from. In 2014, Ms. Gao came out from the pain of marriage, hoping to find a husband to life. So she put their hopes in the matchmaking company. As for the hard thick stick in her heart. — blind man she 5 years old. "At the beginning of 2014, I registered my personal information in Lily network. Very soon have customer service call me, say I can go to the next line of the company to talk about. I went to, in the west, the two road near Gucui road. Chat, they said that since it is to find a suitable, call me to pay 28 thousand membership fees, become a member, and signed a contract, pay 50 thousand yuan introduction fee. They say the higher the charge, the better the service, the natural introduction to meet the conditions of a better man." Ms. Gao said that after the matchmaker would continue to give her introduction object, indeed, seen a lot, there were twenty or thirty, but are not satisfied. "Promised for unmarried, salary of more than 80 million, age difference less than 5 years old, but my meeting with actually divorced, annual income of only 2289…… Then I pay 50 thousand yuan, still no suitable." By the end of 2014, matchmaker proposes to Fengqi Road, with Ms. Gao’s headquarters, said there many resources, can be found on the net worth of million yuan of men. In the store, Ms. Gao again introduced pay fee: 600888 yuan. Contract said Ms. Gao is a member of the honor, can be served until the end of 2015, if not found, but also a continuation of the service period of one year. "I was already a little bit out of confidence, but they told me that this time I was introduced to the object is absolutely reliable. But when I see four or five, I am disheartened, complete with commitment does not conform to, are never know where pull to sucks, billion yuan of assets which has worth ah! " Gao lady asked to)