5What is the experience of running a marathon in the South Pole Let the 80 tell you – Sohu Sports|What is the experience of running a marathon in the South Pole Let the 80 tell you – Sohu Sports

What is the experience of running a marathon in the South Pole? Let this 80 tell you – Sohu sports [editor’s note] that can be, in 1985 the stranger, and now overseas work. Since 2013, he has used his spare time to travel in the way of running a marathon, running eight marathon on seven continents. He plans to go to the north pole to run again in April 2016. The Antarctic marathon run group camp. Meron photo, US 50 several people sitting in the warmth of the big tent, which many people excited, that night, the supply of beer plundered an empty, even picked up the guitar and began to sing, David Bowie’s "space oddity, the audience gradually joined and sing, hum ah ah, then everyone forgot the words. I subconsciously took out a cell phone, to find the lyrics, but I think there is no network. Not only no network, no traffic tools to take us to go. This is 80 degrees south. Antarctic。 United glacier camp. The window is Rosman hill with bright day, white, chilly. There is a clock on the wall near the kitchen, more than eleven points, at eleven points. Two hours ago, we were told that we couldn’t get away. The weather is too bad, not from Chile over transport doyle. We have to wait four or five days before we have a chance to return to the civilized world. Waiting for the plane of the day, we need these people to get along, even warm exchanges, or must be at a loss about what to do. In November, the south pole of the sun does not fall, nothing can refer to, the time becomes chaotic. I had a full meal, and then I felt hungry. I knew it was about five or six hours. These days eat and sleep, sleep wake up cold and eat, live like a farm animal is fattening. A cheerful friend who has a chat with everyone, can remember who is called what, where, and his experience. Then few people have to see the pictures of the family and children. We open the mobile phone or laptop computer, display in the world. This is North Korea, that is South Africa, this is the Sahara, that is the north pole, we all run a marathon. In the corner you can imagine, there is a marathon. We pay to their past run, get a medal, then grinned at the camera. The Englishman sitting next to me is called Luke. I opened the phone to him to see my photo, this two years I went to a lot of places, I mean to him, this is the Gold Coast sunset, it is Istanbul’s Chaoyang, this is my family’s dog, the last time he broke his leg…… Luke also gave me a picture of his cell phone. The first one is he wearing a golden medals, with a photo of a flushed man. The man was very familiar. "This is the last time I ran one thousand and five hundred meters, for the UK to get a gold medal. And Prince Harry came to congratulate me, "he said. A shocking, a badly mutilated legs. "This is the time when I was in Afghanistan, stepping on a land mine. At that time, a coma, woke up, the legs have become so." I was surprised to have no words to say. "I thought I couldn’t stand up, and I was desperate. But after fourteen months, I actually recovered. I began to run after.