5The world champion in Sanya Ko Queen iron fist crisp gains 100 thousand yuan – Sports Sohu|The world champion in Sanya Ko Queen iron fist crisp gains 100 thousand yuan – Sports Sohu

Gathered at the world champion of Sanya "Ko Queen" Tekken crisp gains 10 million yuan – Sohu Sports & nbsp; January 23, 2016, picturesque tourist resort of Sanya, Hainan, from all over the world stands in the martial arts world pyramid tip God class fight strong gathered in this, solely sponsored by Sanya beautiful coronal management group "Jinsui the crown of beauty card, one day reference a strongly supported the" Kunlun 37 "tournament in beautiful coronal peace square sea breeze unpopular started! The tournament, the Chinese women’s kickboxing No.1 superstar queen Ko Wang Ke Han in his comeback after injury the important battle, with relaxation have degree, maneuver easily experience ring strong Ko Portuguese female fighting champion Marissa? Pyrrhus, fantastic arena performance let all Wu fans believe that her invincible tour, will continue indefinitely. Before the appearance of the ceremony, Wang Ke Han sitting in symbolizing the glory of the Red Queen throne, accept the cheers from the audience, the increasingly mature demeanor is impressed. After the start of the first round, new blond hair styling with a debut of "Queen of Ko" Wang Ke Han spot state is very easy, effortless mobile and door reveals the general style. Face Marissa fierce high sweep kick, Wang Ke Han do a job with skill and ease in the rhythm feeling full before and after the footsteps of elastic dynamic control distance and middle round the fire in the sudden release of launched its own specialty boxing onslaught. Round the last minute, Wang Ke Han combination, two pronged approach performance combination of boxing technology opponent will be firmly pressing in the ropes, Taijiao passive so far, powerful ring control force is praise. After opening the second leg, Wang Ke Han foot speed began to accelerate, just opening connection less than ten seconds with mortars like boxing opponent will be fully suppressed. In KO queen about comprehensive coverage, fire is extremely dispersed precision heavy gunfire frantically under, Marissa is firmly pressed at the corner of the unable to extricate themselves, two ribs and head straight punch, devoid of all have. In Wang Ke Han a group called the terrorist’s more than 20 punch continuous under bombardment, was hit ribs liver opponent finally fell pain, is forced to eight. Opponents got up and again after the war, Wang Ke Han did not give opponents more opportunities, a sword like FLAC straight punch directly opponents played staggered back. Seeing the referee, decisively terminated the one-sided "killing field ring". Second round of 1 minute and 34 seconds, the return from injury of "Ko Queen" again to their sign of Ko win, to the martial arts world declared the their own strong regression. After the game, Sanya Phoenix Island scene to the great Wang Kehan donated one hundred thousand yuan prize, to show approval. The Kunlun decision? Sanya station "confrontation in the beautiful crown, Kunlun decided to staunch the beauty and Beauty Crown Hotel Buildings grand beauty yuan? Ze Hui, complement each other. Beautiful crown hotel building group the overall building size to 63 million square meters, total create a Guinness world record of 6668 (sets) rooms, including Building Museum Hotel, a building super luxury hotel, building of seven luxury hotels composition, also has seven star Commercial Plaza, the United States.