5The Taiwan authorities estimated Tainan earthquake reconstruction needs 5 billion NT News – Sohu|The Taiwan authorities estimated Tainan earthquake reconstruction needs 5 billion NT News – Sohu

The Taiwan authorities estimate Tainan earthquake reconstruction needs 50 million new Taiwan dollars – Sohu News Taiwan authorities prepared in succession in Tainan earthquake reconstruction work, and estimate the earthquake reconstruction funds total about 50 billion to 60 billion yuan (NT, the same below). Taiwan Executive Yuan government members Xiao Jiaqi 16, said the earthquake without the provision of a special budget, immediately began to rebuild, "Premier" Zhang Shanzheng instructions dial 5 billion yuan to the Tainan emergency. According to Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported, Zhang Shanzheng recently held a "0206 earthquake give priority to dispose of the matter research conference", indicating that Xiao Jia Qi of the 921 earthquake, Typhoon Morakot stipulated special regulations. Xiao Jiaqi 16 PM in the Executive Yuan, said the Executive Yuan in the morning to convene a comprehensive inventory of the Department of law and budget, in the afternoon and Tainan City, Kaohsiung municipal government representatives meeting to report the damage situation. He said that currently in Tainan City is still busy with relief, reconstruction funds has not completed the assessment, a preliminary estimate of about NT $20 billion yuan, 30 billion yuan; Kaohsiung City evaluation of 8 million yuan, but part and the central government disaster loss assessing overlap should in fact be 4 billion yuan; and "Executive Yuan" assessment of 28 billion yuan reconstruction funds, a total of the post earthquake reconstruction funds about 50 billion to 60 billion yuan. The disaster reserve adequacy Xiao Jiaqi said inventory laws and Tainan, Kaohsiung city government to coordinate the consensus, the current law to use. The central funds and local disaster reserve enough and does not need to be compiled a special budget, do not have to set special regulations. As for the tax relief affected households, the amount is not large, about hundreds of millions of yuan, and by the disaster relief fund will fund treatment. He said, referring to the Tainan city government, the earthquake caused housing lender’s death, loss of housing, coordinated by the Financial Supervisory Commission and bank, lack of funds will to the disaster relief fund funds to defray. Community reconstruction, Xiao Jiaqi said, South City and affected households to discuss, some of the affected households hope in situ reconstruction, some want to off-site reconstruction, he has a special commitment, if be relocated, the authorities may provide support to land. He said, has asked the local government in March 7th before the return of the central, the original and reconstruction plan, according to the audit program funding, the local government said it would make a return. Low interest loans to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) other according to Hong Kong media reports: to help in the reconstruction of the affected enterprises, Taiwan’s Ministry of economic affairs in addition to organize post disaster rehabilitation service bureau took the initiative to visit the enterprises in the earthquake stricken area outside, in view of the small and medium-sized enterprise launched SME disaster? Old project loans and corporate head home loans 2 low interest loans. Among them, small and medium-sized enterprises and disaster restoration project loans, the highest rate of 2.235%, to ensure the highest number of 9. As for the enterprise head home loans, "the Ministry of economic affairs," pointed out that the highest rate of about 3.86% to 4.86%, ensure the number shall be 9 into, affected enterprise loan amount is not restricted. The Ministry of economic affairs stressed that the project loan amount Nix limit, by financial institutions according to individual loans, affected companies are free to ensure fee.