5The Dragon Star Wars Chen Yaoye Li Qincheng on a quarter finals victory over the semi-finals last bu|The Dragon Star Wars Chen Yaoye Li Qincheng on a quarter finals victory over the semi-finals last bu

Dragon Star Wars quarter finals Chen Yaoye victory over Li Qincheng catch at the end of the four bus Chen Yaoye victory over Li Qincheng of sina sports dispatch on the morning of January 20,, the 7th China Dragon Star Wars cup Kuaiqi final 1 8 finals in Chinese chess Tianyuan go studio of, Chen Yaoye white disc beat Li Cheng, catch 4 at the end of the train. The semi-final against Huang Yunsong Chen Yaoye, the winner and the MI Yu Ting title. Match before the holiday, time to be determined. The Dragon Star Chen Yaoye Li Xuanhao in a row, Sheikh, Li Qincheng beat Tang Weixing, the more. After the 3 inning battle chess, Li Qincheng after two defeats in 2014 CITIC Bank Cup victory over Chen Yaoye, eventually won the championship. Two people were Kuaiqi very good, scored last year agon Cup finals and 4. But this frustrated, Li Qincheng in negative Tengen Wang Haoyang, Chen Yaoye is the reign of Tianyuan, but in the evening Cup tournament to first defeat to Bai Baoxiang. Currently ranked sixteenth ranked Chen Yaoye, Li Qincheng high fourth. The original 9:30 game, the player and the referee after consultation to 10 points. Start each hangs the angle, white on right forced to live scattered situation, black spire white or a crowded cold stroke, but Chen Yaoye think that are not necessarily cheap. White and black combat wrench shaped white Yu group, right even reinforced their pressure, grab the lower left field. Black top five, butter first grab left pull sticks big, from the main battlefield. Li Qincheng right eye provoked fierce fighting broke, move from the back of the head, a signs of danger appearing everywhere. Chen Yaoye will be back in anger big disconnect, Li Qincheng successfully do activation hook, continue to put pressure on the white dragon. But in the end Chen Yaoye dragon and the right chunks of work, first in the lower left add a knife. Li Qincheng 157 crowded, try to eat left the white chess operation bilge, but Chen Yaoye diversionary, clever twist at the top, with sacrifice anti left 5 sub gains, in one fell swoop established thevictory. Li Qincheng received after the officer had to recognize the negative, the disk roughly 3 mesh black lead. Chinese Dragon Star Wars sponsored by the Chinese Chess Association, corporation chess Shogi channel Co, 12 million Championship runner up 5 million RMB, game with 30 seconds in step 1, 10 times for 1 minute free spend their time. By the end of 2014 in the first Dragon Star wars against the champion grise beat Kono near 300 million yen winning prize money won, 2nd in the match against Japan will be in China for, by China’s 6th title the girder fine light against Japan the 24th session of champion Satoshi Yuki. The 7th China Dragon Star Wars 8: (MI Yu Ting Kau wins even laugh seven segment) wins (Zhou Rui sheep Jiu Duan Sheng Piao stainless nine section) (Huang Yunsong four wins coulee 9) vs (Chen Yaoye Jiu Duan Sheng Li Qincheng early) attached: coulee 2-0 girder fine light Mao Ruilong successive Chinese Dragon Star champion and runner up champion score sub army coulee 1-0 kongjie ancient 2 to 2-1 Wang Xi three poor 2-0 Wang Haoyang 4 5 2 poor 6 the girder fine light 2:1 Tan Xiao Xin Zhou Li