5The Communist Party of China special party list in addition to Zhang Xueliang who|The Communist Party of China special party list in addition to Zhang Xueliang who

The Communist Party of China (CPC) list of "Party member" special secret: in addition to Zhang Xueliang and who core tip: 1936 August 15, the Communist International Executive Committee Secretariat were issued to the CPC Central Committee a telegram: "makes us particularly disturbed the is you about everything is willing to join the party, regardless of their social origins, can be received to join the party and the party is not afraid of some careerists sneaked into the party’s decision, and you even going to receive notification of Zhang Xueliang joined the party." This text shows that Zhang Xueliang is joining the party. The United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee and former minister Yan Mingfu had on Zhang Xueliang is not a problem of Party member of the Communist Party of China asked Lu Zhengcao, reply to Lv Mingque said: "Zhang Han Gong is the Party member of the Communist Party of China". Presided over the history of the Northeast Army to collate and edit the work of Song Li has asked about the matter before and after the Xi’an incident on behalf of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China in Xie Jianying’s work around the Zhang Xueliang marshal. "Ye Shuai gave a positive answer". & nbsp; Zhang Xueliang data graph paper excerpted from: global network. Author: anonymous, the original title: list of the CPC "Party member" special secret: Zhang turned out to be? But what is the special party member of the organization of life? In the the sixth Plenary Session of the 6th CPC Central Committee report of the Communist Party of China in 1938, Zhang Wentian pointed out: "where the party members are in a special position, but generally the party’s organizational life, that is, the special party members." From this statement, we can see that special party members are party members who are specially managed by those who have a higher social status to take on special tasks. Special party members usually have a special social status, mainly in the social background of the upper middle class or its social status and the upper middle". The special members of the party membership held by senior leaders in the party often, often require the approval of the CPC Central committee. Special party members of the management is also very special. At that time, the Central Organization Department has stated: "all the upper party members, should be directly managed by the appropriate senior party." One is not incorporated into the branch, the two is the high level of responsibility of the individual links. This is the identity of the special party confidentiality. Special party members not only to non party identity confidential, even within the party is only a few people know. Zhao Shoushan in 1942 by Mao Zedong approved to join the party, the other central leaders do not know this situation. The Chinese Communist Party of China special party member is not complete list Xiangtan Hunan people, in the history of Chinese modern history is famous. He had attached to Yuan Shikai, in August 1915 headlining and Sun Yuyun, Yan Fu, Liu Shi Pei, Hu Ying, Li Xie and organized the so-called "to raise the safety, and pushed for the president, planning to restore the monarchy. After the death of Yuan Shikai, Yang is wanted, then moved to Tianjin to study Buddhism by foreign concession. From 1922 onwards, Yang thought occurred great change, he began to support Dr. Sun Yat Sen, a supporter of the "United Russia, the Soviet Union and assistance to the peasants and workers" three great policies. In 1924 after the KMT-CPC cooperation, he and Li Dazhao established contact, and participated in the "anti imperialist alliance" activities. Li Dazhao was arrested in 1927 after Zhang Zuolin, he also participated in the rescue activities. In 1929, Yang moved to Shanghai to participate in the "Chinese freemasons". In the same year autumn, and secretly joined the Communist Party of China, and by the Zhou Enlai responsible for its single line contact. Since Yang is a celebrity,