5The 85 guy after earning 15 thousand how to save enough money to marry Thailand Tourism Tourism Fina|The 85 guy after earning 15 thousand how to save enough money to marry Thailand Tourism Tourism Fina

< p > Mr. Xun and button Miss experienced two years of ups and downs, during break up several times, finally still send each other is his true love, in March of this year, Mr. Xun plotted the to marry him, give a surprise to miss button, take her to she had always wanted to go to Thailand to Bati bask in the sun, to Dacheng palace feel Buddhist holy sites, to Chiang Mai night market shopping. For this year’s tour, Mr. Xun in February this year, when accepted Rhett Jiafeng financial planner, began his financial plan.

[financial goals] < / strong >: six months accumulate 10000 yuan, can bring his girlfriend to late July 8, Thailand tourism. In addition to buy a diamond ring worth 50 thousand yuan, to marry him. It is worth mentioning, Xun Mr. hope that this part of the revenue the vast majority are "passive income", is only through financial management can be achieved, don’t need him to work overtime overtime work like, because still want more time to accompany my girlfriend.

< p > < strong > [financial analysis] < / strong >: Mr. Xun earning ten thousand five, spend a month at 6000 yuan under, from the housing, a month can balance around 9000 yuan, is within 6 months need to accumulate 6 million yuan. In addition there are 150 thousand yuan savings Xunzi mr.. Mr. Xun higher income, miscellaneous spend a little, so as long as you pay a little attention is completely within 6 months saved 6 million. In addition Xunzi began to buy Mr. Yi Sheng wealth in the first half of the monthly fixed investment, invested 6000 yuan a month, has persisted.

[financial advice] :

, a monthly fixed investment to continue.

< p > according to Yi Sheng may fortune investment revenue rate, to September of this year should to the closed period of a year, with annual revenue rate of 6.8% to count, Mr. Xun can in nine months of this year got the principal and interest of a total of 74652 yuan, among them interest to 2652 yuan. Just out of interest can buy wedding rings as well as travel expenses.

two, you can buy a fixed income class of regular payment of financial products.

because of Mr Xun "passive income", so the most intuitive "passive income" is investment income. Fixed income financial products that can buy good Mr Xunzi platform provides proportional to the relative risk return. In order to meet cash flow Xunzi Mr., recommended to choose the regular payment class. On the Yi Sheng wealth of monthly surplus as an example, suppose Mr. Xun principal for 15 million yuan, closed for 18 months of monthly profit, Mr. Xun every month can get 1275 yuan to subsidize the cost of travel. And because of this part of the proceeds can be received every month, can be used to advance the purchase of tickets, as well as booking hotels and so on.

three, scheduled air tickets in advance

proposed three months to six months in advance to book tickets, you can set the cheapest and the seat is not to be picked up by others. The ticket is travel head, as a result, Mr. Xun travel expenses should be.