5The 2016 Olympic Badminton Men’s singles final 1 prospective linli war or underfeated|The 2016 Olympic Badminton Men’s singles final 1 prospective linli war or underfeated

2016 badminton prospective 1: Olympic men’s singles final, Lin Li war or Ssangyong will lindane (information) of sina sports dispatch as the curtain opened this week in Malaysia Badminton Masters, in 2016 the World Badminton Federation tournament will also officially kicked off. 2016 the most important event is undoubtedly the Olympic Games, and in May 1st before the game is also the Olympic tournament, the volunteers to participate in the Rio Olympic Games in terms of the players is also more important. 2016 badminton international tournament will be very exciting, suspense heavy…… One of suspense: Rio Olympic Games men’s singles final is "Lin Li wars" or "dragon"? A: Men’s singles project is a project the five projects concerned. Beijing Olympic Games and the London Olympic Games will men’s singles finals is present, Lin Li wars "drama, Lin Dan has two win over lizongwei, became the first woman in the history of consecutive Olympic men’s singles champion of the people, Li Zongwei regret to two consecutive missed the station award at the top of the table. In the Rio Olympic cycle, Lin Dan and Li Zongwei’s age gradually increased, the absolute strength is not as good as the first two Olympic Games cycle. In 2015, the overall performance of Lin Dan has ups and downs, he won 3 men’s singles champion, the 3 encounter "round tour". These data are very rare for Lin Dan in the past. Lin Dan’s old rival — Li Zongwei for "doping events" from the game for a long time. Last year in May, Li Zongwei returned to the field, his condition gradually picked up. At the end of last year, lizongwei continuous access to three races of the championship, twice defeated Chen long, a victory over lindane. It is proved that the own competitiveness is still in. As we all know, lindane and lizongwei is a battle hardened veteran, and the Olympic Games and other games vary, competition experience and psychological quality in a large extent can determine the athlete. Although last year, Lin Dan is not in the best state, but many people think that came to the Olympic Games, Lin Dan’s status will be getting better and better. At the end of last year, Li Zongwei’s status is becoming more and more stable, and now Li Zongwei knows how to enjoy the game. From the point of view, "Lin Li wars" may be staged in the Rio Olympic Games men’s singles final. B: Chen long is the most people get bonuses in 2015 all badminton athletes. 2015 was a great year for Chen long for. In the world ranked first, has won 7 men’s singles champion, becoming the World Badminton Federation 2015 male athlete of the year…… These achievements are illustrated by Chen long is the first person in the world badminton men’s singles. Now, Chen long, 27 years old, the age is the golden age of the men’s singles badminton player. He has plenty of stamina, superb technology, experience in competition becomes more and more abundant, with the increase of the game experience, Chen Long psychological quality has become more and more stable. On the other hand, now Chen long is not invincible, one is because Chenlong’s main competitors are and he had little difference; second, because now Chenlong to match the "dominant" has not reached the degree of lindane in the first two Olympic Games cycle. From this point of view, Chen long at the end of last year successive twice lost to Lee Chong Wei, and lost to had not lost the Danish rookie Asaiersen are also in the reason.