5Singapore Chinese experience Beijing Spring Festival did not return in order to avoid the Spring Fes|Singapore Chinese experience Beijing Spring Festival did not return in order to avoid the Spring Fes

Singapore Chinese experience the Spring Festival in Beijing, did not return home to avoid the spring – Sohu News Reference News Network February 15 reported new reported, the Spring Festival is the Chinese people the grand reunion festival, every year has a large number of Chinese people travel from all over the country home to celebrate the new year, forming "in human history the largest cyclical migration". Similarly, in the big cities of China foreign Chinese, many also in this time across the ocean, home and family reunion. Singapore, "Lianhe Zaobao" web site February 15th Road, some lived in Beijing Singaporeans, in the lunar new year period to accompany the "empty city" and spend Spring Festival is not the same. Reported that the accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers partner ye Deqiang (43) respondents, with a word summed up his stay in Beijing, the Chinese New Year: "the meaning of the Spring Festival is not where you have the Spring Festival, but in you and who have spent together." Ye Deqiang is a Singaporean, settled in Beijing in 2005, in the past 11 years, never returned to Singapore Chinese New year. He said: the Chinese New Year is the most important family, my family are in Beijing, so it is not important to return home." Reported that Ye Deqiang’s mother Ruan Yutao (76 years old) in 2005 with his son moved to Beijing. His wife Wu GUI (39 years old) is the Malaysia people, in the PWC accounting firm as director of operations management, two people met in China, married in 2010. Ye Deqiang is the youngest in the family, has a brother and sister. He said: "just came to Beijing in the first few years, I will ask my brother to the new year in Beijing. But modern science and technology are developed, we usually pay New Year’s call through WeChat video chat, very convenient." He explained that the new year is also home to avoid the spring festival. According to China’s national development and Reform Commission earlier estimated that this year’s Spring Festival holiday, the national highway, railway, air and water transport volume will reach a record 2 billion 910 million people. Travel website Ctrip is expected this week, the number of outbound tourists will set a record of 6 million people. Reported that the usual work pressure, but also in the Spring Festival Ye Deqiang attend to arrange special plans. He said: "what is to do a good rest charge or with your family at home, enjoy Beijing rare calm". And ye Deqiang "curtilage in the home" different, Peking University Master of public policy students Liu Meijuan (43 years old) the spring festival activities is very rich: New Year’s Eve at home and friends together to eat reunion dinner, watching the Spring Festival Gala; first to the summer palace hanging around; the second tour famous at the Ditan temple fair. She smiled and said: "those who believe that Beijing will become a city of the dead people during the Spring Festival, should go to the temple! There is a really crowded, breathtaking!" According to reports, this year in the first two days of the Ditan Temple two days will usher in more than 380 thousand passenger trips. Reported that Liu Meijuan came to China in 2002, has been to work in Sichuan and Yunnan. 14 years, the annual Spring Festival every year she took turns to spend in the new. She said: "I’ve always wanted to experience Beijing atmosphere of the new year, see the temple here. This is me ‘life wish list’ project." For comparison, to determine the Beijing Temple of Liu Meijuan;