5North Korea held swearing that if sovereignty violations will destroy the enemy|North Korea held swearing that if sovereignty violations will destroy the enemy

North Korea held a pledging conference said if the sovereign breaches will destroy the enemy (original title: North Korea held a pledging conference said if the sovereign breaches will swoop in to destroy the enemy) [Global Times reported, "all channels have been cut off, inter Korean relations were frozen." South Korea Herald, 12, described the current Korean peninsula. Report will open city industrial park, known as "the last bastion of the North South reconciliation", with the closure of the park, inter Korean relations fall lows. The newspaper, which is nearly ten years between North Korea and South Korea for the first time, folk government all channels of communication is cut off. South Korea’s defense ministry said the only possible way to pass information to North Korea is the border broadcasting. South Korea’s ruling party members He Taiqing (sound) 13, said the peninsula tensions add fuel to the flames. According to Russia today television reported, He Taiqing publicly called for President Park Geun hye ordered the assassination of the North Korean leader, claiming that only in this way can we prevent the use of nuclear weapons. He Taiqing claimed that before the Seoul in Korea to launch a nuclear war has four or five years of window of opportunity, the proposed park Geun hye publicly announced intent on killing and seeking international support, especially the support of the United States and Japan. According to the Korean Central News Agency reported on the 12th, senior North Korean military and political day at the Paektusan secret camp swearing in ceremony to be held, the Korean people’s Armed Forces Department Secretary (equivalent to the Secretary of Defense) Pu Yongzhi said, if robber follow the United States and its power dares no infringement of sovereignty of Korea, the Korean people’s army will give a destroy enemy. KCNA: review article said, a fact that usually has a rational thinking on the protection of the Korean peninsula peace and security issues, agree to hostilities clearing between the DPRK and the United States the necessity and urgency. President Obama himself to North Korea as an enemy of the state, public speculation "collapse" of the old tune, follow the United States and its forces have continued to repair intended to kill the North Korea of all strategic and operational plan, attendant political, economic and military campaign of intimidation is increasingly strengthened. Results the vicious cycle of confrontation and tension in the Korean Peninsula continues to be staged. If the nuclear war broke out on the Korean Peninsula, it would expand into a regional and global nuclear war. The best way to prevent this serious situation is to end the United States’ hostile policy toward North Korea from the source, and to establish a durable peace and security mechanism on the Korean Peninsula. The Itar Tass News Agency reported on the 13th, the North Korean Embassy in Moscow issued a warning, United States in Korea to deploy anti missile system will ignite a war, the United States should for this provocative results bear responsibility. South Korean "national daily" 13 quoted Han Jun, stakeholders said that begins next month on the 7th, South Korea and the United States "the key determination" and "Kite" joint military exercises of the scale will be a history, operational plan will also with the previous vary. Exercise will strengthen the North Korean nuclear and missile facilities and command the Department of combat. After the USFK has announced that the part had participated in the hunt for Osama bin Laden to perform the highest level of assassination mission of the special forces have been deployed in South Korea, they will participate in this year’s "critical determination" and "Kite" exercises. In addition, beauty, "Ronald Reagan" aircraft carrier and the new nuclear submarine is headed for South Korea, the F-22 stealth fighter and B-2 stealth bomber may also to South Korea participating. Editor: Su bud SN226