5National all star to hold people carefully crafted more meaningful|National all star to hold people carefully crafted more meaningful

Former national champion: All Stars need to & quot; holding & quot; people carefully crafted to Allan much more meaningful in the game show desire is dye in the wood all star weekend in lively Song Tao column, Dongguan, a "Basketball City" in last night ended, the focus of the Chinese basketball down here, scenes of the effect is very good, Dongguan fans the long-standing passion. As a member of the audience, the author in the watch, many feel some boundless, because the show, can let you more heartily enjoy. Such a grand basketball performances, the audience is to see the fun, usually in the game on the rare scene, as the organizers, if more carefully, can not do better. What is the purpose of the all star game, to a large extent is a prerequisite to determine the effectiveness of the game, this game in the name of the party, the director of the creative space is actually great. Thus started the first sponsors can be in the annual first set a theme concept, from the earlier time events preheating, combined with the specific situation, or League in the hot, and the key held logo, as the breakthrough point for the all star game identify. So the game will not be stereotyped, but around the theme, each year there is a topic. Second, you can consciously shape the star. This can be easier to learn from the NBA, they won’t miss every opportunity to build players, of course this is not self explanatory first is the default control, but in different project contest have guide consciousness, such as slam dunk contest, in a variety of ways popular players create conditions, in simple terms is "holding". Again, the whole star game overall need a better atmosphere, reflected in all aspects, the rules set can be adjusted to change. For example, the dunk contest is relatively simple, the race is over the past you attack me again, no suspense. NBA O’neal, the past all star game a lot of fun, CBA can also try to play on both sides of the top three, the last section really come, to increase the game viewing, not the whole game is a rhythm. Including appearances ceremony, also can find some veteran exploits, reflect the meaning of "inheritance" and the slam dunk contest judges, from past well-known button will have produced perhaps more aspect, than to find temporary several coach scoring better. In summary, all star game if we can more snacks to carve, our fans will respond with more enthusiastic applause, let the gathered more meaningful.