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Man 10 years before posting father borrow money cure now searched for the borrower in the new network Wang Xinggang 10 years ago in online posting father borrow money to cure, he now wants to back all 66 netizen, has contacted 30 10 years ago, Chongqing man Wang Xinggang for seriously ill father posted online fundraising; 10 years later, when many people have forgotten the matter. Wang Xinggang but in an effort to find when the well intentioned people, one by one to pay back the money. "I’m ashamed of this commitment was late for 10 years, but I don’t want to let good people chilling." Wang Xinggang said. Father suffering from a serious illness, his online help 40 year old Wang Xinggang is Yubei. Yesterday, the Chongqing morning news reporters when he contacted the phone in his tone of voice, "I am so happy," I am now in contact with a loan to my good people, too good." Wang Xinggang said the borrower had donated 10 thousand yuan to Wang Xinggang in 2006, and now is a well-known enterprise responsible person. At first, Wang Xinggang hopes to contact him through micro-blog, but has not been answered. After that, Wang Xinggang call the enterprise customer service phone, removed to contact the person in charge of the assistant, and ultimately to contact their own. This is Wang Xinggang’s thirtieth borrowers. In fact, others didn’t think in 10 years after let Wang Xinggang the sum of money, but Wang Xinggang says if you don’t pay back the money, his heart. April 2006, Wang Xinggang 60 year old father was diagnosed with cervical lymph node metastasis of adenocarcinoma. Because of poor family, father has been unwilling to accept treatment, year mid may father promised son to the hospital to see the doctor, but due to metastatic adenocarcinoma and accompanied by renal failure phenomenon, had to rely on dialysis to maintain. Wang Xinggang is the first batch of Internet entrepreneurs, but he also and most of the early entrepreneurs IT people have experienced failure and poverty. At that time, Wang Xinggang took the last 3000 yuan bank card money, could not help but cry bitter tears. Then, he thought of the network for help, he said: I just want friends to lend money to me, to help his father through the difficulties." Holding the mentality to try, in June 29, 2006, Wang Xinggang in social media, DONEWS on the release of a help post. "Borrowing" the degree of standardization beyond imagination yesterday, reporters on the Internet to find Wang Xinggang in this post. In the post, Wang Xinggang also sketched out a loan program, two of them are written like this: "users are willing to borrow, the amount is not limited to, please leave your name and contact address, telephone number, although do not have the commitment to the date of repayment, but poor my life within one pay… All borrowings are as my father for the cost of treatment, examination and treatment, relieve pain. All the funds will be listed in detail. As the last has savings, to seek the views of all borrowers, will be returned, or recommendations to the collective name of donations from other needy patients. " After that day Wang Xinggang in the post published the amount of money received and usage, and her father’s illness also presented one by one. As of July 6th of that year, Wang Xinggang confirmed that the total amount of loans to the account of 29224.52 yuan; in July 13th, the total amount of up to 44424.52 yuan…….