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Jinghua times: literary awards should be heavy weight – View – People’s network, the original title: literary awards should be heavy weight China Federation of literary and art circles in the number of awards is incredibly 1123, this is really an amazing number. The reform in the national literary awards, still remaining 248. Although the awards of China Federation of literary and art circles covers drama, film, music, art and other 11 kinds of art, but these arts in the cultural category, can compression to award. The Ministry of culture of the original 41 national awards, after the reform of retained the 15, compared to the award of China Federation of literary and art circles have much less, but as a country prefix culture management, the Ministry of culture, the press and publishing administration of radio, film and television, China Federation of literary and art circles, the Chinese writers’ Association, together, amount of the total number of awards will still is a large number. Awards is the culture of management highlight the discourse right in a way, each department and wanted to give up the leading, advocating participatory. This is a difficult thing. China’s literature and art awards are too scattered, so it is difficult to gather public attention. Wenhua award, Huabiao award, the flying Apsaras award award award is not caused widespread concern, Maodun literary prize, Lu Xun Literature Award before and after the awards will lead a discussion, but will eventually stop the award itself, it is difficult to will be awarded value extends outward, winners did not produce more ripples in the spiritual life of the public. These prestigious awards are necessary to retain, but do not have to fight the enemy separately. In terms of literary and artistic creation, the accumulation of quantity does not necessarily bring about a qualitative improvement. So is the award. Many awards exist to a certain extent leads to the occurrence of corruption in the awarding outside inconspicuously, awards rules of loose to numerous fame to "operation" in the space, the appraisal result distrust also allows the public to lose interest in a variety of awards. Most importantly, the award will bring real comment spamming indiscriminate damage to the creation in. China Drama Award sponsored by the China Federation and China dramatists association. According to the Chinese Dramatists Association Secretary General Cui, "Chinese Drama Award" original contains six sub award, after the reform of literary awards, the Chinese Drama Festival Drama Award, Campus Drama Award, drama comedy and theory critics award be canceled, retaining only the plum blossom performance awards and Cao Yu’s screenplay. According to all literature and Art Award winning places no more than 20 principles, the plum blossom Award for 15, Cao Yu prize for 5, is still a two year review. And the proportion of the award is a substantial compression, in the past only the number of winners of the plum blossom Award for 30 people, after the compression of the reform of half. Cui Wei said, after the reform of the gold content is higher, more competitive, more standardized social constraints." When the optimization of the official awards and strictly to create a real authority official awards, the will and the market reaction together constitute the reference and brand effect. Because the market level of sound and information is an effective supplement to the official awards, but also a wide range view of cultural products, literary and artistic works. In addition, the folk awards as long as it does not violate the relevant laws, in the awards category and scale can be loose in the official awards. Believe that those who have been officially recognized by the market and the double works, is the history of the works. (Han Haoyue)