5Heilongjiang Province, China, Russia, Japan and South Korea transnational transportation system basi|Heilongjiang Province, China, Russia, Japan and South Korea transnational transportation system basi

China’s Heilongjiang Province to Russia, Japan and South Korea. The transnational transportation system basically completed – International – People’s Network March 31 & nbsp; according to the Russian news agency satellite news network news, "HaSui eya land and sea transport freight train 30 days from the Suifenhe port of which marks the Heilongjiang Province to Russia, Japan, South Korea international transportation system framework has been basically completed. Reported that by the Russian railway locomotive traction carrying 104 standard container "HaSui eya sea intermodal freight train 30 days starting from the Suifenhe port. The success of this train CDB, marking the Heilongjiang Province "Longjiang Road Zone of Russia and Japan, South Korea, the transnational transportation system framework was basically completed, will promote the Heilongjiang Province to deepen bilateral and multilateral cooperation with Russia, Japan, Korea and other countries, the power of Heilongjiang Province, more in-depth participation in Northeast Asia market integration. Quoted in the Suifenhe Sea Silk Road International Logistics Co., Ltd., general manager of ante said the 104 standard containers of goods including wood and food, mainly from the Suifenhe, Muling and the surrounding areas of large wood company. Arrived in the Russian port of Vladivostok, will dress up the ship in the local, is expected to arrive in the South Korean port of Busan in 6 days. Fan Jizhong stressed that from the beginning of this batch of cargo transport, this line is to achieve the normalization of weekly operations, the weekly regular shipments to South korea. Will be based on the actual situation of supply will gradually increase the frequency of weekly classes. Report also pointed out that the channel normalization operation, will attract Russia, Japan, South Korea and China, East China, South China and other countries and regions of the enterprise to gather in the HA mu Suidong along, with the formation of an export-oriented industries. Heilongjiang Province will rely on the international sea transport channel, domestic and international logistics network, built "Longjiang Road belt connecting the Eurasian regional logistics center.