5Guangzhou Daily online movie free ride will only go into a dead end – the people’s network|Guangzhou Daily online movie free ride will only go into a dead end – the people’s network

Guangzhou Daily: network movie "hitchhike" will only be entered into a dead alley – View – People’s network, the original title: Internet Movie "free rider" will only go into a blind alley media reports, viewers Miss Zhang recently online pay watched a "goodbye Mermaid network movie and then dahushangdang, she points to open to know, the movie with Stephen Chow’s" Mermaid "simply does not matter. And on the video site, the title of the free rider network movie is not in the minority. Look on the Internet, you know — the catch demon Ji, a fire, series and movies through the Internet "catch demon Ji" immediately D-Will; the Taoist mountain "after the release, the monk Chushan, JiangMo of Taoist priest, the Taoist mountain" also followed the brush presence; in addition to "save my lady", "Fifty shades of black" film "dance macabre, let the person is in distress situation. This naked free ride, does not involve infringement? From the user’s point of view, so that the name of the movie was to confuse, impact on the audience, can be described as unchaste occasion to speculation. However, most of them hit edge ball, just a "reference" name and does not copy the content, so it is difficult to identify the copyright infringement; on the other hand, if the original film without the name for trademark application and registration, also not subject to the protection of trademark law. Therefore, the network imitators did not need to bear the legal responsibility. However, compared to the legal issues, more worrying is the development of the industry. At present, network video arena beacon four, the rise of strong, but uneven, cohabitation even shoddy notoriety has also been accompanied by and. Who is keen to take the ride of the Internet Movie for, these works are often short production cycle, production shortage of funds, according to the market hot spots "follower of fashion", plot bad customs, acting clumsy and effects on five hair, let "who see who fooled" has become the public’s general impression. According to statistics, in the high hit rate under the stimulus, in 2015 a total of more than and 600 online movies on the line, and in 2016 this figure or will reach one thousand or two thousand. When the whole industry forward with vigorous strides how to improve the quality of content, and change the image of the industry becomes more and more important and urgent. In this regard, on the one hand to strengthen supervision. As an important supplement to the works of cinema, the network movie themes and diverse, more personality, greatly enriched the cultural life of the public. These are beyond doubt. But the greater the potential, the more it needs to be regulated for its health and long-term development to provide protection. In this regard, we should further define the rules, also to show a lower limit of vulgar vulgar, bloody violence or edge ball hit the heavy taste, large scale works be hit, cleaning, let network video as soon as possible through barbaric growth stage. On the other hand, the industry self-regulation. Network is the hotbed of inferior works, blindly eager for quick success and instant benefits, impatient, the pursuit of click through rate, on the surface is take the lift, rapid development, in fact, is into a dead end, could not escape the audience "vote with their eyes". At present, many video sites has begun to seek transformation, hit heavily, buying popular IP, signing pop star, escalation of overweight, create a burst models and quality. However, the platform for internal original content of the specification, guidance and management, still need to upgrade ideas and strong shot)