5Global Times China’s efforts to crack down on the inevitable|Global Times China’s efforts to crack down on the inevitable

Global Times: China tried, toward the tough sanctions inevitable China tried, towards tough sanctions inevitable according to Western media reports, China and the United States on Tuesday in Washington expanded United Nations sanctions against North Korea agreed to. Wang Yi and Kerrey in a joint press conference between the two foreign ministers said the two sides have made important progress in consultation, Kerrey said the Security Council resolution once passed, the sanctions will be far more than the intensity of the past". Some time ago the United States had on the DPRK nuclear issue mutual criticism until taunt each other’s policy is North Korea’s nuclear test "hit in the face". It is believed that "significant progress" in talks in Washington is the result of a compromise between the two countries. It is stressed that China to the United States made concessions, Japan’s Kyodo news that China overwhelm American plan. "On one side is desperately notes of Kerry, one side is bombarded with speech of Wang". Anyway, Pyongyang will due to bent to engage in nuclear test incur new costs, we believe that this time it will than previous sanctions more feel the pain. As China’s media, we believe that North Korea is supposed to be such sanctions, Pyongyang does not need to complain that China’s "standing with the United States together", it should do is to conduct self reflection. North Korea is a friend of China, and is willing to develop a friendly relationship with the DPRK is the basic attitude of the majority of Chinese people. However, North Korea nuclear issue fall into a serious misunderstanding, the national interests of China caused substantial damage, China must be in the maintenance of friendly relations between China and the DPRK, at the same time of North Korea’s nuclear activities make factual harsh reaction. We also support China’s adherence to its basic position on the issue of sanctions against North Korea, the necessary buffer against the u.s.. United States, South Korea and Japan should not expect China agrees to Washington, in front of the major issues, whether the United States to China is definitely not the most important. The independent foreign policy of China decided that our standard of others will not be dragged, the parties should have learned this. Now Washington has eliminated much of the Beijing sanctions on Seoul, and the attitudes of Tokyo and will follow. Finally depends on how the North Korean response. Pyongyang’s attitude includes two aspects, one is to pass the Security Council resolution itself, that is, the response to sanctions. Two is how it looks at China’s support for new sanctions resolutions, and the ensuing Chinese action. North Korea is expected to oppose sanctions, but it should be understood China between it and the U.S., "compromise" attitude. The DPRK can Chinese role will test positive view of the reality of Pyongyang and political sensitivity evaluation. Pyongyang has a big problem for China, which is clearly not built on the basis of reality if it wants to respect its nuclear aspirations. The United States, South Korea and Japan intended to destroy the North Korean economy and even to overthrow the current regime, China opposes these goals, and adhere to focus on sanctions against North Korea went on to develop a nuclear weapons capability. This is a beautiful day and Chinese policy toward the essential difference, is Chinese towards goodwill has never wavered. The Chinese society wants Pyongyang to be able to understand this point clearly, and to cherish the efforts of China to expand its opposition to sanctions. Pyongyang should understand, if it insists on nuclear and constantly raise the action, then its international isolation 8