5Foreign media a restaurant in southern Thailand bomb attacks killed 1 people injured 7 – Beijing|Foreign media a restaurant in southern Thailand bomb attacks killed 1 people injured 7 – Beijing

Foreign media: a southern Thailand Restaurant explosion attack 1 people were killed and seven people were injured – in Beijing January 19, according to the Russian satellite network reported on the 19th, the Thai army chief of staff of the Ministry of radio news release, 18 midnight local time, the southern restaurant is unidentified people thrown into a grenade. 1 people were killed and 7 injured in a grenade blast. Reported that, after the attack, the entrance of the restaurant and a homemade bomb exploded, but fortunately did not cause casualties. Radio sources said the investigators believe that the attack is from the pro government separatists, the purpose is to intimidate civilians, and the killing of security forces and police officers. The message pointed out that the molecules are separated by their usual tactics, the first explosion is to create confusion, and attract the security forces and police personnel, the second explosion hope police to cause maximum damage. Reported that since 2004, the security forces and the separation of the surrounding Songkhla’s government continued to conflict. During the conflict, more than 6500 people in the area were killed in terrorist attacks and exchanges of fire, most of them civilians. Separation of molecules from time to time in the implementation of terrorist attacks in Songkhla. Last week, the police on militants may attack the enterprise to service industry operators issued a warning.