5Exercise Without Weights To Build Muscle|Exercise Without Weights To Build Muscle

Exercise Although the best way to build muscle and great strength is by lifting weights you shouldn’t dismiss the notion of doing exercise without weights, through using your own bodyweight as a source of resistance, as an alternative. Indeed, doing exercises without weights is a very effective way to build muscle and get fitter. Is it Achievable Take a look at the shoulders on a gymnast that trains on a pommel horse or better yet, the back of a gymnast that does ring or parallel bar routines. These guys and gals are very muscular and strong mostly from training on that apparatus using just their bodyweight. After all, how many times have you heard of a pro bodybuilder hold the crucifix position on the rings. Overload Muscle responds to an increased workload through overload by making itself thicker and stronger. In a nutshell, as you overload a muscle, the fibres suffer from micro tearing which in turn heals resulting in a thicker muscle fibre ready to cope with the overload it receives. This is a pretty basic rundown but important in that you need to overload the muscle more to progress. What is also important is that you don’t have to lift weights to achieve this but that you can use your own bodyweight. How to Overload One of the best ways to continue progressing is by applying various techniques to your bodyweight exercises. For instance, after you have perfected push-ups, you can increase the workload by doing them with one arm. Another top technique is to maintain constant tension on the muscle. This is achieved by not completing the contraction part of the exercise as the muscle normally passes through its effective tension range by the end of the movement and not fully relaxing at the bottom of the movement. Supersets is another great technique which can be applied to just about any body part. For  more information on technique and the actual exercises visit the link below. About the Author: