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Posted By: Srikrishna Das sharepoint application development custom sharepoint development sharepoint developers sharepoint development top companies in sharepoint sharepo sharepoint application development Best Practices For Sharepoint Security, Privacy And Compliance Posted By: Srikrishna Das Huge amount of content is being generated by organizations everyday and with cloud solutions, enterprise social collaboration as well as mobile access, new ways are being adopted by employees for information sharing. This is leading to continuous expansion of the ways of collaboration. Most organizations use Microsoft SharePoint as a corporate information hub with the content coming from external clients and partners as well as internal employees. This may result in risks entering the organization such as malware getting in to the enterprise, regulatory compliance issues cropping up as well as sensitive information getting exposed unintentionally. This makes it essential to secure the system properly so that you protect sensitive information from getting out. Here are some practices that help improve SharePoint security. Assigning users to groups- This is a practice that should always be adopted. Through assignment to SharePoint groups, the capability of a particular user may be predicted without their security profile getting audited. While using Active Directory, hybrid should be used in conjunction and then SharePoint groups created. AD groups should then be assigned to the apt group. Need-to-know assignments- People should only be assigned to sites where the access is mandatory.custom sharepoint development sharepoint application development sharepoint 2010 development sharepoint custom solutions development sharepoint cm custom sharepoint development Business Value And Sharepoint Posted By: Srikrishna Das sharepoint custom solutions development top companies in sharepoint sharepoint site branding experts custom sharepoint development sharepoint deve sharepoint custom solutions development Sharepoint 2013 App Model- A Weapon For Sharepoint Developers Posted By: Ken Miller With the release of SharePoint 2010, people started clamoring for app stores. Considering the requests, when SharePoint 2013 was released, it included app stores as well. Broadly, the store is of two varieties- public which is the primary store marketed by Microsoft and corporate which is a locked down, local store. For the apps, there are three broad categories: Auto hosted- Auto hosted apps run on SharePoint Online and Office 365. It contains server-side components. SharePoint hosted- This app does not have any server-side components. Everything that is needed for the functioning like libraries, lists, etc are deployed within SharePoint environment. Provider hosted- These apps have server side components and they are contained usually within ASP.NET applications to which separate environments must be provided for hosting them. SharePoint 2013 App Model serves as a great weapon for SharePoint developers due to the multitude of advantages that is offered to mainly the users. Administrators and third parties also reap benefits with their usage. Use of popular languages, technologies and programming model- Web acts as a platform for apps since the building process is same for both.sharepoint web parts development sharepoint webparts development sharepoint deployment planning services sharepoint enterprise content management sharepoint web parts development Top 5 Sharepoint Collaboration App For Android Posted By: Srikrishna Das SharePoint wildly popular as an enterprise platform for many reasons such as integrates meta data stores, document repositories and successful social enterprise deployments. According to IT survey on enterprise collaboration, last year it was found that 73% of its respondents were using SharePoint for their business apps. And slowly it gained success as a new collaboration and knowledge sharing platform. SharePoint 2010 SharePoint 2010 lacked mobile support, hence SharePoint 2013 came to picture with new enhancements and customized features. Finally SharePoint 2013 has finally gone mobile supporting varied screen sizes with different kind of gadgets. Some of the new unique features makes SharePoint all the more interesting and useful for creating best business apps: Mobile Browser Experience SharePoint provides different browsing options depending on the usage of the mobile browsers they can be called as Contemporary View, Classic View, the and Full Screen UI. The Contemporary View is new to SharePoint 2013. This view renders beautifully in HTML5 and is made available to the newest mobile browsers such as iPhone’s Safari 4.0+, Mobile IE9.0+ and Android 4.0+.sharepoint development services custom sharepoint development sharepoint site branding experts sdps provider india sharepoint webparts development sharepoint development services Comparing Sharepoint 2013 With Previous Versions Posted By: Ken Miller sdps provider india custom sharepoint development sdps provider india Improve Your Sharepoint 2013 Roi With Office Web Apps Server Posted By: Ken Miller Office Web Apps Server offers browser-based file viewing as well as editing services with respect to Office files. It operates in combination with services or products that render support to the Web app Open Platform Interface protocol. Also called hosts, the products incorporate SharePoint 2013, Exchange Server 2013 and Lync Server 2013. Services can be provided to manifold on-premises hosts by the Office Web Apps Server farm, which can be scaled out from a single server to a number of servers as the organization grows. Currently OWA is a stand-alone product, offering convenient deployment and management. When it comes to deployment of SharePoint 2013, there is no need for the optimization of the SharePoint infrastructure for supporting Office Web Apps. Updates to the OWA server farm can also be applied separately, at a frequency different from that applicable for SharePoint. Some other striking improvements may be expected with the current version of OWA server which will be successfully making the external and internal users happy as well as increasingly efficient, so far as creation, collaboration or editing on Office docs. in SP is concerned.custom sharepoint development sharepoint custom solutions custom sharepoint development Sharepoint Or Websphere? How To Decide For Your Business? Posted By: Ken Miller A crucial tool in online sharing of Office documents, SharePoint goes a long way in convenient implementation of business processes, collaboration facilitation, content management, providing access to information and so on. Again, WebSphere is a middleware and a software framework which hosts web applications based on Java. Now, when the time comes for you to decide between SharePoint and WebSphere, it is worth taking a look at the benefits offered by these two. Benefits of SharePoint Development : 1. Enhancement in team productivity: SharePoint allows users to connect business partners with the requisite information and resources. It enables you to coordinate calenders, organize documents, receive notifications or updates by means of communication features like announcements and alerts. Moreover, new templates can be used for creation of blogs and wikis. 2. Data management: SP has enhanced management capabilities making room for activation of document checkout and revisions prior to editing. Moreover, document security is also provided to do away with information breach. 3. User-friendly interface: SP comes with improved menus as well as view, which aid in simplifying navigation amongst team sites.custom sharepoint development offshore sharepoint developer custom sharepoint development 15 Free Sharepoint Tools To Make It Admins Smile Posted By: Steve Nellon SharePoint is a rich tool and offers extensive features for a better, customized and organized work flow. It enables to make processes easier and swift that enables organizations to make the best out of their employees. It is the best CMS that enables to manage huge amount of content effectively. We live in a competitive world and latest technologies emerge to enable to deliver the best results possible. SharePoint is Microsoft’s tool that enables to build richer attractive websites. It is considered to be the most popular collaborative tool that provides all the necessary tools to manage people and content effectively. This platform makes it easy for employees of an organization to share ideas and engage smoothly in knowledge sharing activities. Some of the free tools which helps admins while customizing their websites are as follows: 1.Microsoft’s SharePoint development Administration Toolkit 2.0 (for 2010 and 2007 versions): Microsoft bakes a bunch of nice things into this little add-on, including a kit that generates test loads to check how well any SharePoint deployment runs. It includes another important addon for the Security Configuration Wizard so one can harden the profile of deployment through Windows Server 2008. The SPDiag 3.top companies in sharepoint sharepoint development services sharepoint development companies sharepoint cms customization sharepoint development c top companies in sharepoint Sharepoint Migration Using 3rd Party Tools Posted By: Steve Nellon Currently in SharePoint, content migration is achieved using third party tools. Leveraging third party solutions simplifies the procedure along with reducing the effort or time needed for the process. It also cuts down on the cases of failed migrations arising out of issues such as file corruption. Analysis has revealed that clients spend good amount of time preparing data for migration, and these efforts may not yield fruit in case the policies and procedures are not adhered to. Owing to such risks, clients prefer using third-party ISVs or independent software vendors for migrating content from on-premises SP into the hosted service. Let us check out the following third party tools that facilitate migration or consolidation of content. AvePoint: A recognized leader in rendering infrastructure management solutions for Microsoft SP, AvePoint is a cost-effective and efficient solution for migrating business-critical content from diverse electronic repositories to Microsoft SP. The following are a few of the different DocAve Migrator modules: Content can be automatically moved from source SharePoint 2003 or 2007 into the mapped elements within SP 2007 or 2010 by SharePoint Migrator.Sharepoint Migration Services custom sharepoint development sharepoint cms india hire sharepoint developers sharepoint site migration hire sharep Sharepoint Migration Services Sharepoint 2013 Top 10 Intranet Success Factors Posted By: Steve Nellon Did you ever find any difficulty while trying to explain SharePoint basics to a novice completely unaware of the technology? Probably, Yes! Chances are also high that you faced difficulty in terms of user training for facilitating a smooth migration process. What you need to remember while taking up the task of explaining SP to novice or new users is that the migration is just not all about branding, hardware, Web Parts, as well as customization. The document management system application has more to it and it is important to gather the basic knowledge of the same for better understanding. Now, when it comes to determining the top intranet success factors, users and enterprises need to consider a number of other factors for evaluating alongside implementing the latest of intranet offerings by Microsoft. If, being an enterprise, you are planning to grow as well as evolve with SharePoint 2013, following the tricks of the trade is imperative for you. Top Success Factors with Intranet Here is a look at the 10 success factors that effectively blends best practices of intranet and the specifics as well as basics of SP 2013: 1.sharepoint development india sharepoint development services sharepoint enterprise content management sharepoint infopath development services sha sharepoint development india Posted By: Steve Nellon sharepoint development india sharepoint development services sharepoint enterprise content management sharepoint infopath development services sha sharepoint development india 7 Critical Quality Assurance Steps To Take In Sharepoint Scanning Posted By: Ken Miller Each edition of Microsoft SharePoint comes with loads of innovative features and functionality. In addition to being a web publishing platform, SharePoint is also used widely by enterprises to manage content and documents stored on their intranet and the web. But each company has to make and implement a comprehensive strategy to migrate to SharePoint smoothly. An organization can easily migrate to the innovative content management system, if it does not have any paper record. But the companies with loads of paper records must implement a comprehensive SharePoint scanning strategy. Along with scanning each documents, file and folder, the strategy also needs to consider how to sort and store the scanned records logically. At the same time, the strategy must consider a number of quality assurance steps to optimize SharePoint scanning. SharePoint Scanning Best Practices 1. Automate the Scanning Process: Similar to other manual process, SharePoint scanning is also prone to several types of errors. So you must use innovative technologies to automate the collection and storing of data. You also have option to choose from a variety of tools like Database Lookups and Advanced Data Extractions to make the data collection and entry process flawless.custom software development india offshore developers hire offshore developers software development company india web developers for hire web app custom software development india Should Microsoft Kill Sharepoint? Posted By: Steve Nellon As per a statement made by Gartner analyst Jeffrey Mann, organizations which are heavily dependent on SharePoint need to start preparations for a cloud-driven future. He also suggests that SharePoint is a thing of the past, hence it is good for Microsoft to think about doing away with this document management system. Expressing his thoughts at the Gartner Symposium of 2013, Mann stated that SP is used throughout the entire workforce by 28% of the organizations. The number becomes 70% when we take into consideration the organizations wherein minimum of 50% of the staff are utilizing it once in seven days or more. However, according to Mann, nobody likes the SharePoint development platform. With respect to user experience, SharePoint registers a low score on convenience of use, the quantity of ongoing management required, and it is a fact that migration of content between systems is not easy. by its own success. It has become very hard, complex as well as big which makes management or up-gradation difficult, all the more so because in a large number of organizations, it is immensely customized.sharepoint development company sharepoint development india sharepoint development services sharepoint enterprise content management sharepoint in sharepoint development company Introducing Nintex Workflow For Office 365 Posted By: Steve Nellon Nintex workflow for office 365 allows organizations as well as enterprises to extend the automation of business process to more and more people along with devices and places delivering workflow catering to the interest of every individual. It integrates a drag-and-drop workflow designer, rich features, as well as advanced connectivity to provide the customers with more flexibility along with power. Wondering what it can do for you (the users)? Well, here is a quick look at the at what Nintex workflow can do for you Develop Workflows for a superior cloud platform By extracting complete benefit of the new model of cloud app, Nintex has paved the road to effortless integration with office 365. This has indeed enabled the users to scale as well as develop advanced workflows on a strong as well as steady platform. Automate the Process of Business IT professionals and business users likewise will be empowered towards taking up a quick alongside an easy path to automate the process of business. The range is quite extensive, which includes everything from simple reviews as well as approvals to complicated integration across cloud services, external applications, data sources as well as social media.custom software development india custom sharepoint development custom software development services hire offshore developers hire sharepoint deve custom software development india Compatibility Report Of Sharepoint 2013 And Html5 Posted By: Steve Nellon SharePoint 2013, which is the newest version of this web application development platform, comes with a number of beneficial features, out of which, compatibility is definitely a major one. However, before you go into the compatibility of this new improved platform and HTML5, let us have a look at the prominent features of the same. SharePoint 2013 and its Features To begin with, the platform facilitates enhanced user experinece by means of remarkable design as well as increased templates and layout capability. Additionally, fast search, improved work flow, e- discovery tools along with office web apps are also offered by SharePoint 2013. It is for this reason that business enterprises have an increased preference for upgrading from SharePoint 2010 version to the latest one. However, the infrastructure procurements must be considered when it comes to enterprise upgrades. HTML5 and its attributes HTML5, on the other hand, has made the developer’s work easy primarily by virtue of its host of semantic features. This highly improved version of the Markup language offers several other tools as well as elements such as newer media as well as structural elements, attributes, form types, link relation types as well as the semantics for internationalization.sharepoint enterprise content management sharepoint infopath development services sharepoint migration experts india sharepoint migration services sharepoint enterprise content management Sharepoint 2013 And The Mobile Sharepoint Explosion Posted By: Steve Nellon When SharePoint was first launched, it did not have strong functionality backing up mobile access for its content and features. However, as this software platform gradually gained ground, organizations began to feel the need for tapping this product to operate efficiently on cellular devices. As a result, companies began to look for alternatives for enhancing as well as expanding mobile access to this platform. The outcome of these efforts is that SP 2013 comes with a range of new, enhanced mobile features to make SharePoint 2013 mobile development easier and quicker. The mobile browsing experience has become much better owing to the newly incorporated contemporary view which enables site rendering in HTML5 and operates with the latest mobile Safari, IE as well as Android browsers. Designed to ensure touch-screen interaction, it is optimized for activities such as accessing wikis, lists, web parts and document libraries. The classic view belonging to the older mobile browsers is still intact, delivering HTML based sites along with the option for displaying a complete desktop view of the website.custom software development india custom sharepoint development hire offshore developers hire sharepoint developer hire sharepoint developer india custom software development india Integrating Crystal Reports With Sharepoint -things To Keep In Mind Posted By: Ken Miller The popular business application, SharePoint, is now widely preferred by most software companies. With the newest versions coming up, this web application platform is used for a number of purposes, out of which the sharing of electronic documents and images of the scanned paper documents are the most prominent ones. SharePoint enables developers to create websites, which further allow an easy uploading as well as managing of documents. Even the communities can be formed around particular functions, necessitating access to the documents. These documents then become ready for searching, collaboration, management, updating or archiving. The Need for Integration While SharePoint with its multiple functionalities is of immense use, it cannot be denied at the same time that it is not so useful when it comes to the business intelligence system. It is here that the integration of SharePoint with Crystal Reports becomes necessary. The integration largely helps in making the information accessible as well as ready to analyze from the organization. Once the integration is done, the data can be drilled into different sets, which makes the process of categorizing them easier.custom software development india SharePoint Crystal reports integration hire offshore developers software development company india web developer custom software development india Tips For Effective Migration To Sharepoint 2013 Posted By: Srikrishna Das In the recent times, with Microsoft launching SharePoint 2013, a large number of businesses are considering migration to this new edition to enhance their business processes. In fact, this new version of SharePoint is anticipated to revolutionize the way in which companies are building links amongst their knowledge workers, business processes as well as business-related content worldwide. This platform includes novel features such as enhanced document management capabilities with respect to sharing and contributing content, enhanced social features along with a renewed search experience. SharePoint 2013 is speedily positioning itself as one of the much sought after technology for the introduction of crucial organizational initiatives in the areas of social collaboration, enterprise content management and web content management. The advanced features of Sharepoint make it vital for organizations to take certain points into consideration prior to adopting this latest platform. Let us discuss some of the guidelines that should be followed in order to achieve effective migration to SharePoint 2013. 1. Take care of hardware requirements: In case of SharePoint 2013 servers, minimum of 8 GB RAM and four 64-bit cores is needed for small environments while medium environments require 16 GB RAM.top companies in sharepoint sharepoint development company hire sharepoint developer sharepoint cms customization sharepoint development india sh top companies in sharepoint Sharepoint 2013 Performance Best Practices Posted By: Steve Nellon SharePoint 2013, the newest version of the web application development platform is already giving a tough time to developers working on it with little knowledge. Indeed, the challenges that are faced by developers working on the platform are quite extensive and heavy much like the platform itself. Well, if you are new to the particular development platforms, you must always remember to integrate some tips ensuring highest performance level of the same. Likewise, experience developers must take a cue of the ideas while, taking up any development work as it would help you strengthen knowledge as well as promote discussion, which would ultimately lead to the development of a great application. Here is a look at the best practices following which is sure to help you build something greater and better with SharePoint: Always take note of the best time to cross the divide A pertinent issue that often emerges with the development project while working on the platform is the best way of interacting with other systems in the network. Since, the web application relates to a composite application platform, this particular question needs to be answered quite often.hire offshore developers custom sharepoint development custom software development india hire sharepoint developer hire sharepoint developer india hire offshore developers