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Computers-and-Technology The immense popularity of iPhone / iPad has lead to a phenomenal success in the mobile application development across the world. If one were to look at the smartphone market reports of the second quarter of 2012, Apple’s shipments of 26 million iPhones were up 27.5% year-over-year with a current market share of 16.9%. Although Android is ahead of the race by quite a margin , if one were to go by the sentiments of the developers and the customers, Apple seems to be geared for betters results in the future. From the perspective of applications developers, the presence of a flexible and technologically advanced environment to develop applications is irresistible. The growing demand of iPhone apps simply says it all. From developing web applications to simple and complex games, programmers are offered a host of tools to expand their creative and innovative horizons besides having the latest technologies at their disposal to apply them .All this makes the whole experience of development is highly enjoyable. Hence, it does not take any effort to draw the interest of programmers worldwide to iPhone / iPad development. The widespread use of the device amongst end users has opened up the possibility of developing apps across a range of industries. All this results in high financial benefits of developing iOS applications. From developing focus on one particular field to expanding or widening the horizon to others, one is only limited by ones own inhibitions. The steady growth of smartphone users around the world has had a positive impact for the increasing demand for mobile application developers. Especially for small and medium sized business owners, it makes more sense to collaborate and partner with a reliable offshore development firm for the requirements than to follow the traditional path of hiring application developers themselves to perform the job . The financial investment involved is quite high in the second case besides it not being an area of focus from the business perspective . This is where Mindfire Solutions with its experienced team of iPhone application developers has successfully partnered with many of its clients across various industries. From iPhone / iPad software support and maintenance work to iPhone migration and iPhone porting projects, we have executed 50+ projects till date .We were ranked as the 4th Best iPhone development Company by BWDA for the breadth and depth of our services in iPhone / iPad app development which include iPhone web application development and iPhone widget development also. Our apps are designed keeping in mind the exact workflows of our clients to help them get the maximum leverage out of them. Mindfire Solutions is the right destination for you to hire dedicated offshore Mobile programmers/Developers. Our iPhone / iPad Custom Development team has an average experience of 4+ years and has successfully executed 50+ iOS projects till date .In addition to this you will also get the benefit of flexible hours of working at affordable cost. To get our new clients to understand and experience the quality of our delivery, we have the provision for a 100 hours risk free trial*. About the Author: