59Worst in 12 years! Barcelona 28 feet 0 goals this time they really lost to God|Worst in 12 years! Barcelona 28 feet 0 goals this time they really lost to God2

Worst in 12 years! Barcelona 28 foot 0 goals this time they really lost to miss God lore Neymar sina sports for Barcelona, due to the staged Madrid Derby, so they will be a good opportunity to narrow the gap with Real Madrid, but the results are not as they expected, they are all the life, firmly occupy the initiative in the field, but this is not God on their side. Barcelona’s luck seems to be in the game yet began before, the team’s top players Messi sudden illness, this game can’t play, plus because of accumulated yellow card suspension Suarez, MSN Neymar only one person can play, which makes the offensive firepower greatly reduced barcelona. Malaga 451 to and from the discharge opening race, Malaga is assumed to hang in the end position, the formation also shows their position. The game has become almost Barcelona halfcourt drills, the Barcelona game ball rate as high as 80%, in addition, the Barcelona game won 14 corners, while Malaga only won 1 corners. The success rate of the ball, Barca 729 passes, the success rate of 88%, and Malaga in this field only 179 passes, passing success rate is only 50% of the poor, whether it is from the technical statistics or from the field situation, Barcelona will occupy the absolute initiative, but the game some really bad luck. The game has become almost half Barcelona Barcelona have offensive and defensive drills in the minutes by Peake scored the goal, but the referee offside penalty, but the referee from the slow motion, the penalty is very questionable. In addition to the grain disallowed, Barcelona also received a lot of opportunities, but they are always shooting and scoring pass, when the race to the first minute, Barcelona have hit the door, Peake and Mascherano are often using the corner kick threat to Malaga’s goal, Barcelona also repeatedly use the wing of a breakthrough, but the Barcelona game shot inaccurate, they shot only hit on the door frame, shot goals from Rakiti et al are only inches. The game Malaga goalkeeper Kameni as open as hanging in front of Peake, whether it is meters volley, or Rafinha tuishe, were his magic block. The magic of Kameni in the second half continued, the most impressive is the stoppage of magic from Neymar in the restricted area to win the winner. The total, successful fighting, Barcelona play in the door frame in the shot without exception was rejected. Barcelona frantically 28 foot shot and Barcelona home court 48 consecutive games scoring record by the Malaga end, and Barcelona in the last home court did not score, the same opponents Malaga. In the past home game, Barcelona only two games did not score, the two game opponents are Malaga. From the outside, the Barcelona game wanton 28 feet failed to score, which also created since the 2003-04 season the team with the worst record. "" "