58He is Tom Curise, in addition to the three NBA technology would distract the trick (video)|He is Tom Curise, in addition to the three NBA technology would distract the trick (video)2

He is Tom Curise, in addition to the three NBA technology would distract it [collection] Memphis 80-116 Timberwolves pick Dunn Lavin gliding ankle sports news Parsons November 3rd end of Tencent is now NBA rich handsome representatives, but in NBA history, Parsons is not a top male god, once Minnesota Wally Szczerbiak had the little prince NBA Tom – Cruise’s title. In addition to good looks, Szczerbiak also has an offensive, he is not only a distracted three shooter, and back to the turnaround of Nirvana, the "star sign technology" to introduce you to Szczerbiak’s trick. Once the forest wolf Prince Szczerbiak he is handsome killer Szczerbiak grew up in a basketball family. His father Walter Szczerbiak was playing in Europe, helping Real Madrid to win the Champions League 3 times, had scored 65 points in a single game scoring record in the Spanish league. Szczerbiak inherited the basketball gene father, he played at University of Miami during junior and senior seasons averaging 24.4 points and 24.2 points, with 1847 points of the total score ranked second in scoring history, the history of the fifth won to become the University of Miami Jersey honors players. After the first round of six in 1999 to enter the identity of the show after NBA, Szczerbiak quickly became the league’s top scorer, NBA career for the past third years to reach the average score of 18.7 points all star. In April 13, 2003, Szczerbiak of the Bulls 26 throw in 19 scored 44 points, at the time of flat Timberwolves history single game scoring record (after the break). Szczerbiak beefcake handsome appearance, welcomed by female fans, had female fans in the game scene for embrace. In NBA, most of the white guard or small forward, by three points on the alliance, such as Reddick, Szczerbiak is one of three players, distracted NBA career three points, shooting 40.6%, he’s also very strong, but if Szczerbiak will be defined as a long distance in the catch and shoot type player. We underestimated him. As a NBA career shooting to 48.5% players, Szczerbiak also has a unique, that is turned back singles jumper. The floor back to the master turnaround turnaround can be divided into two schools, one is taking Jordan and Kobe as the representative of the genius of elegant flow, beautiful movement skill chic, outstanding skills with amazing physical talent, although their action is not imitation, but want to achieve a high level, a relatively high the physical demands. The second is the floor of the technical flow, Pearce is the leader of this type, Szczerbiak also belong to this style. Szczerbiak Kobe did not play back turnaround as, his actions more of a demonstration of power and solid shooting basics, such as textbooks every rhythm. Especially in the NBA career later, Szczerbiak turned back playing jump frequency was increased, it became his major offensive in NBA. Szczerbiak back to the turnaround back slightly, most of the time don’t back, but after the turn.