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Hainan: November 1st – the yellow car ban Beijing Beijing in Haikou on 23 September, (Zhou Pinghu) 23 reporters from the Hainan Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps (hereinafter referred to as Hainan police) learned that according to the notice of the general office of Hainan provincial government "on the strengthening of high pollution emission vehicle management" (Hainan’s office [2016]220 No.), Hainan police decided since November 1, 2016 implementation of high pollution emission vehicles (yellow car) all the roads in the province all time, the whole area of the forbidden line, high pollution emissions of motor vehicles in violation of the (yellow car) in violation of the ban signs lawfully fined 100 yuan, recorded 3 points. According to reports, the Hainan Provincial Traffic Police Corps has asked the local police departments in accordance with the provisions of the provincial government documents, strengthen the provisions of motor vehicle registration, cancellation, scrap and punishment policy propaganda through the media, and in the city (county) road set high pollution ban signs, Highway Traffic Coordination Department set up in the road closed to traffic vehicles the prohibition signs, impose penalties on the high pollution emission vehicles in violation of the provisions of the. Hainan local police departments will use the integrated application platform of public security traffic management area will be high pollution emission vehicles export data and organize, carry out the "lost" high pollution emission vehicles in the city and county government under the leadership of the investigation work. The city government issued a circular, overdue and in the vehicle after the expiration of 3 consecutive cycles without obtaining the motor vehicle inspection vehicle inspection marks, vehicle management will be in accordance with the "Regulations" provisions of article ninth of the implementation of the People’s Republic of China road traffic safety law, for the publication of the motor vehicle registration certificate, license plate, driving license canceled in accordance with the law. Hainan Provincial Traffic Police Corps to clear, high pollution emission vehicles without inspection marks the 3 consecutive test cycles in the inspection after the expiration of the vehicle management should notice to the society in accordance with the law, supervise the vehicle owner for business registration. In the case of a motor vehicle that has reached the state’s mandatory retirement life within 1 years (including a period of not less than 1 years), it shall not apply to the local municipal administrative region where the nature of the change, the transfer of registration or the registration of the vehicle out of the vehicle is registered. Of all motor vehicles under the name of registered vehicles "motor vehicle" information "to be scrapped" or "Notice of license invalid" situation, the vehicle management should be strictly in accordance with the Provincial Traffic Police Corps regulations, shall not apply for the purchase of new vehicle registration and transfer of registration. Hainan Provincial Traffic Police Corps also made clear that the apparent emission of visible pollutants driving vehicles on the road, in accordance with the provisions of the Hainan motor vehicle exhaust pollution prevention regulations, according to the law. (end)