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These abnormal circumstances of the newborn, mother do not panic! Sohu maternal newborn baby is too delicate, parents need careful nursing, but because new parent mother did not care experience for the baby’s little changes are very worried, always afraid of is what happened to the baby. Section of the child care experts will appear on the 6 kinds of unusual circumstances of the newborn, give everyone a little science, to help novice mother off panic! Abnormal situation 1 frequent hiccups some mother found neonatal hiccups, encounter this kind of situation, the home of the elderly that baby is caused by cold, with a small quilt to wrap the baby. In fact, most of the babies will burp from time to time, some even in the mother’s stomach will burp. There are many reasons for hiccups, usually because of the digestive system caused by stimulation. Hiccup is not a disease, with the baby’s growth, development of the nervous system and digestive system, hiccups will naturally disappear, therefore, do not have to meet baby hiccups. If the baby hiccup, you can put the baby’s back pat, or let the baby drink a few mouthfuls of breast milk or boiled water, the symptoms of hiccups will disappear. Abnormal situation of 2 face and body hair too much baby who has long hair a lot, mainly distributed in the forehead and ears, and thick. According to common sense, the newborn baby should be white and tender, the skin is very smooth. In fact, the baby in the womb, the body has been covered with hair. Lanugo off in the womb, and then grow pilose. Usually parents see the baby’s hair, mostly pilose. These are a lack of pigment, no medulla, limited growth characteristics, generally one or two months after it will naturally fall off, so do not worry. Abnormal situation 3 undress, scurfy drop mom in reaction to give the baby a bath, changing clothes, there will be a lot of dander with clothes falling down. The baby is not caused by dry skin? In fact, this is because the baby skin keratinization layer development is not perfect, and the basement membrane between the epidermis and dermis of the skin is not developed, so the skin soft and delicate, easy to fall off. On the other hand, before the baby is born in the warm amniotic fluid, after birth by the cold and dry air stimulation, a cold and a hot lead to skin contraction, also can cause peeling. In this case, as long as you can pay attention to the skin clean, do not tear to be off the skin, to avoid infection and injury outside. Abnormal situation 4 shake attentive mother found chin chin is newborn regularly shake, feel like adults affected by the cold, shivering feeling. But after the baby clothes, this situation will appear. What is your baby cold, or what the problem? In fact, these phenomena are due to neonatal nervous system development have not yet perfect, by the excitement caused by the generalization. The newborn baby hear outside sound, often vibrating, stretched out. At this time you can use the quilt to wrap the baby, but do not pack too tightly, otherwise it will limit the baby’s physical activity. Abnormal situation 5 abdomen often grumble 6相关的主题文章: