[Thames River], an ancient and modern blend of the long history of the Sohu travel-纪元1701

[UK] Thames River, a blend of ancient and modern history – tourism Sohu almost every ancient country or every metropolis with rivers together, we China the mother river of the Yellow River and the Yangtze River, the river Nile in Egypt, the Strait of Bosporus in Turkey, the United States of the Mississippi River, the Seine River in Paris of France, Italy, Venice the Adriatic Sea, Germany because of the beauty of the Frankfurt River, Vietnam’s Mekong River, these…… and the companionship of the country and the city is I has taken place, there are more rivers while the city for having heard it many times, in different regions, the language barrier, but have a common characteristic, the long river that gave birth to a country and a city’s splendid civilization, contains the history of the country all the To become the pronoun of this country or city. London’s Thames River, we arrived in London the first place to visit, from Westminster Bridge to Tower Bridge of London, walk on both sides of the Thames River, the London experience in the history of the city in the world, ancient and modern, tradition and fashion, staggered communion, harmonious and elegant style city. The Thames River is a river located in the south of England, a total length of 338 km, flows through three counties in England, is the longest river in England, the second river, only 354 kilometers of the Severn River, is the world’s busiest water transportation and urban river in London is one of the subject. Compared with some major rivers on earth, Thames River is not long, but it flows through the place, is the essence of British culture, conceived and nurtured a splendid civilization in England. The main buildings in London are mostly located in the Thames River on both sides, especially those with hundreds of years, or even three hundred or four hundred year old building, after the storm, still standing in the river Thames, walk on both sides of Thames River, these tall grand buildings one after another appeared in front of us: the great abbey the church, symbolizing the victory of the meaning of Nelson statue, head of the navy has the Renaissance style of St.Paul’s Cathedral, has witnessed the dark period in British history of Tower of London, Tower Bridge of London, and bridge the parliament building and the Big Ben……, each building is a masterpiece of art, although these buildings has experienced vicissitudes of life, and the Second World War as the baptism of war, but still maintain the natural appearance, until today is still the people. With. The Bank of the Thames, in addition to these famous historical buildings, near and beyond count of modern architecture, such as the height of 309.6 meters of the skyscraper "shard building", known as the northern hemisphere’s highest Ferris wheel "The London Eye", Thames River along the ancient, added the modern fashion elements, full of vigor and rhythm. Wandering in Thames River, the feeling is that the ancient and modern, traditional and fashion, classical and modern, mutual integration, harmonious coexistence, complement each other’s spirituality and breath. In the upper reaches of London, along the Thames River, there are many places of interest, such as Eaton, Henry and Windsor, Oxford and so on, while the Thames River estuary full British fan"相关的主题文章: