Wuhan Metro Airport Line 7 site has been unveiled 27 minutes to complete the whole-高达08ms小队

Wuhan Metro Airport Line 7 site has 27 minutes to finish the course of crystal lighting other crane aviation headquarters station appearance was streamlined, the platform end the newspaper news (reporter correspondent Tao Changning cousins Yuan Yonghua) yesterday morning, the reporter to experience the ride from the airport line, Jinyintan station to Tianhe Airport Station, a total of 27 minutes. Two in addition to characteristics previously reported the station of Tianhe Airport Station and dragon Avenue station, the remaining 5 sites also yesterday in a true color. 9:44 in the morning, reporters at the gold and Silver Lake Station boarded the number 2 line B14 train, due to the trial operation phase, the airport line temporarily open to passengers. Clear off site attendant, to the direction of travel to the airport train station. The train pulled out after the window suddenly lit up, originally from the station to the Jinyintan city station has a range of evergreen is on the ground. Then, the train into the underground tunnel, arrives at the first station often Qingcheng station. Evergreen station of the station on the ground floor, the site on the ground floor, the site is nearly double the height of the general station, the whole station appears high and spacious. Then, the train moved on to the station is the second station of Hongtu Boulevard Station, airport line and line 3 of the transfer station. Then, the train arrived at the airport line third station station, fourth station panlongcheng dragon Avenue station, the two is the underground station. Dragon Avenue station is a special station, station hall art wall called "Panlong thoroughfare", it is the country’s first use of "rock" technology of rock color murals, dating back to the Tang and song dynasties. The fifth Song Gang station, Sixth Station Station aviation headquarters station is elevated station, this station two elevated elevated station than the 1 line elevated station and line 4 functionsoptimize. For example, the site has two love waiting room, which has air conditioning, passengers can wait inside, the site also has direct drinking water. The headquarters of the air station is streamlined and the platform is one end. It is very suitable for photography enthusiasts. 10:11 in the morning, the reporter arrived at the end of the airport line Tianhe Airport Station, see the station logo is more perfect. A, D port in the station hall end, B, C in the station hall on the other side, the A port to the airport transportation center on the ground, can go to the T1 and T2 terminal; B port can take the elevator upstairs to the terminal T3; C port, D port, intercity railway through Chinese filial piety. The reporter Zhan Song相关的主题文章: