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The new KTMR2R star team won the runner up, the total personal off-road Club Cup in Beijing in October 8 – Chinese daily Xinhua (reporter Chen Xiangfeng) "the moment on the cross of the motorcycle, the heart of passion rising up; Meng of the moment of the throttle challenge will be strong. Four thousand kilometers across the desert and Gobi, can’t beat off-road people’s spirit, can only sharpen out drivers more strong will." The only one in the country to participate in the big cross country motorcycle, red bull KTMR2R star core figure Zhao Hongyi at the closing ceremony of the car to sum up the course of 9 days. 2016 China rally (referred to as the "big black") after nine days of 4000 kilometers long range, recently in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Lingwu City ended. Zhao Hongyi’s teammate Spanish driver Armand Hernandez? The strongest combination against the vendor team HONDA, staged O Ono’s first Motorcycle Group hutch hegemony, Hernandez eventually won the second, Zhao Hongyi won the fourth, for the Red Bull KTMR2R star team won the Motorcycle Club Cup team made distinctions won in battle. The morning of October 3rd, in Inner Mongolia Alashan banner, 2016 China rally launched 2 km super desert stage of the competition. Crossed the end point Red Bull KTMR2R star team Zhao Hongyi is thinking about a "terribly fatigued, the past month this matter, and now suddenly ended, really feel a bit empty." He said. "This year’s large cross-country, the total mileage of three decreased compared to the previous, but separate from the design stage on the stage compared with the previous three longer, more complex road conditions, close to the 300KM stage is three, no rest days make the game more difficult and more compact. The start of the first stage of 81.2 kilometers to the reference drivers a "run". Generally speaking, the game will begin with a warm-up stage, but this stage is up a 80 km high strength of the desert, beginning to run more tired. In addition to the difficult stage of factors, and the main Motorcycle Group Dakar team teams HRC manufacturers to participate in this year, they added, let the game greatly accelerate." Zhao Hongyi said. In the past nine days, Red Bull KTMR2R star team over the edge of Kubuqi Desert, through the Grand Canyon yabrai hill, conquered the Hexi Corridor high-speed gravel road, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Ningxia, ran into the creation of a national day day across the three provinces of the record. Although the braking problem after the whole process, such as the specter of frequent appearance, but Zhao Hongyi and his partner, Armand, still adhere to the end of the whole process of the. Encourage, fighting spirit in the face of competition favorably. Zhao Hongyi is quite satisfied with his performance, he said: "at the beginning, I said, this game is my biggest competition is their own, and now I insist to the end, in my heart I have been a champion." In this large cross-country race, Red Bull KTMR2R star team head Zhao Hongyi became a waiter". To pull the banner ute in Baotou "bow string" stage, partner Hernandez’s car appeared "brake attenuation", wire"相关的主题文章: