The tower of God about Brook – Lin combination is a tacit understanding between us-爱多vcd

The tower of God Brook Lin: we are optimistic about the very understanding between Brook – Lin sina sports news Beijing time on September 30th, according to the "SBnation" report, recently, Broolyn nets all star center Brook Lopez on social media received video access, when asked if he had a "a heaven-made match" not found teammates, Lopez said without hesitation that person is Jeremy Lin. Lopez is very optimistic about his and Jeremy Lin’s "Brook – Lin" combination. "No problem, no problem," he said. The book is such a smart player, the ball is very high, easy to communicate with him. He is very good at learning, he has read my style." "We will grow together. He is very good at playing pick and roll and attack the basket, the ability to look for opportunities in the semicircle is also very strong. Our relationship will be very good. We know each other for a long time, although the time is still very short teammates, but our cooperation has been very understanding." For two people after the match, Lopez also feel very optimistic. Lopez also talked about another big team, Justin – Hamilton, he is this year the nets new signings. Lopez said: "I think he was underestimated, he is a potential stock, will be better and better. Also, he is really strong, I think he is a good choice for the nets." (Yun Yan)相关的主题文章: