Immature! The Blazers players don’t want to dress up as a child candy curry-douke

Immature! The Blazers players don’t want to give the children dressed as curry Blazers candy the playoffs last season by the warriors out of the U.S. in October 31st is Halloween, the children will go to the candy to knock on the door, you will not give up, but the Blazers players Maurice – Hakelisi met this situation. He wrote on Twitter: "two children come to my house to candy, dressed in curry and Durant warriors jerseys, almost did not give them candy I see." One netizen commented: "you should call the pioneers to refuel and close the door! Some people say: you should buckle them! In addition a careful users found the two children wearing Klein – Thompson Jersey, commented: Clare now nobody love, pity. There is also a net friend who is obviously a warrior fans commented: you are just in the acid, because the warriors last season playoffs out of Portland, and you lost the starting position this season. Some people imitate the style of Hakelisi wrote: two children come to my house to candy, they wore C.J- Lillard and McCollum’s shirt, I told them my candy sent out. Do not know the two children have trouble Hakelisi home, they may not know that who is the players, but they are in the playoffs last season eliminated the Blazers warriors jersey. (Yang Lin) more exciting, please pay attention to sports +APP相关的主题文章: