The most beautiful is not just the track! Dan Ma delicacy you deserve.-女f4

The most beautiful is not just the track! Dan Ma delicacy you deserve not only Raiders track the most beautiful! 2016 Danzhou marathon gourmet Raiders you deserve. 1, Chang Po rotten rice — Chang Po m rotten is a well-known Danzhou local flavor snacks. Processing method of "rotten rice": the first rice after soaking into rice milk, with the hopper into the boiling boiling water, instantly become a soft white Sphacelotheca; then pulled out and placed in cold water, and then pulled a layer stacked on the basket. Eat with shredded beef, dried small shrimp, shredded pork, fried peanuts, fried garlic oil mixed fish together, particularly sweet taste delicious taste. Tip: to early delicacy, in the high streets and back lanes write "m rotten Changpo shop signs shop" to eat. 2, the village of light — the "white worm, Hikarumura best; Yin Runfei, high nutrition level". The worm is a kind of soft bodied marine animal, like earthworms, also known as sea worms. Danzhou is rich in the worm, but only the best quality in shallow coastal villages light worm growth. The light village fat delicious, the protein is easily absorbed by human body, nutrition nourishing food. The worm can be steamed, fried fresh or fresh soup, the soup is delicious, crisp flesh. The worm can also dry processing, is a top grade dry sandworm. Delicacy tips: Light Village Sandworm is a famous Danzhou dish, in the seafood shop or local restaurants to eat. 3, bighead — Songtao Songtao Reservoir is famous tourist area of Danzhou City, bighead is the name of reservoir fish. It grew in the reservoir, where fish are not to eat the Songtao Reservoir, "bighead Hot pot" delicious. For the commonly known as bullhead, big head and small body, tender meat, and bighead carp head to eat the best, especially with sauerkraut, pickled bamboo shoots, is to let you eat a hundred tire. Delicacy tips: in Songtao Reservoir boat on and around the shops basically can eat. Boat on the method of preparing fish is very special, if necessary, will also offer chefs a sumptuous whole fish feast. 4, Danzhou dumplings – Hainan dumplings generally large body, rich in content. A dumplings, contains many elements of Hainan delicacy — chicken, pork, shrimp, and even Salted Duck Egg, salted fish, squid etc.. Danzhou dumplings and more variety, there are salty dumplings, dumplings, dog meat, red snapper glutinous rice dumplings, the dumplings is the most famous. Is the general characteristics of soft cotton, taste penetration, rice essence, stuffing, food and tire. Danzhou dumplings stuffing generally used pork, pig, meat, small shrimp, white soy sauce, seasoning by Chen Jiu, garlic, monosodium glutamate, salt mixture, then the mixture can be stored in the glutinous rice dumplings, with the Ye Baocheng triangle, into the pot and cook for 10 hours or more. Before and after the Dragon Boat Festival every year, working in the field of the Danzhou people to bring home dumplings to relatives and friends. Delicacy tips: zongzi is the characteristics of Danzhou snacks, breakfast in the hotel, or near the vegetable market have to buy, but is generally more time sooner or later; in each big supermarket also has sales, which belongs to the frozen food. 5, Danzhou — redfish redfish, individual large, thick thorn less meat, fresh meat, high protein content, rich nutrition, is listed as high quality seafood, is.相关的主题文章: