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FIFA attention: AFC Champions League Luneng debut Majiate still powerful sports Sohu – down Dejan   August 25th Beijing time, Shandong Luneng Club in AFC Champions League League game, 1-3 away defeat to Seoul FC. After the game FIFA official website also published an article for the times game reviews, in their view, Magath led the Shandong Luneng to produce a very disappointing results, they are in the game after the situation, especially the King Road to eat red card, De Yang is to play the most a strong player. FIFA official said, the German coach Felix Magath at a very disappointing performance on AFC Champions League League in the 1/4 finals of the journey, the first leg of the game, they lost to Seoul 1-3 FC club, at the edge of elimination. The first game, the former champion seemed to play well, after the 2006 Champions Jeonbuk goalless draw against Shanghai on Hong Kong. In their own home court, Seoul FC players eyes firmly fixed in all three points, as expected, under the leadership of the coach, they play very aggressive, continue to put pressure on the Shandong luneng. The first half, Seoul players scored two goals, then kick Montillo helped Shandong Luneng team to recover a ball, but the ultimate goal of Adriano was the key to help Seoul FC victory. In the game, players have been forced to be chased by the state, King Road two yellow cards becomes red situation is very bad. When it comes to the best player in the time of the FIFA website focused on Dejan, they said, Stankovic enjoyed a memorable season, following the Seoul FC in 2013 AFC Champions League, he scored seven goals, becoming the top scorer, and help the team to play in the final. Three years later, the player is very good to imitate Montenegro this feat. Although at least 35 years old, but his play is still strong, and the match with Adriano, he was still in his peak period. (Alse)相关的主题文章: