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British media: Obama’s foreign policy legacy or by Trump off the original title: British media: Obama Trump’s foreign policy legacy or have been "written off" [global network reporter Wang reported a while the U.S. presidential election winner Trump has with the United States President Obama met and called each other "good man", but the British Reuters Obama said in November 10th. Foreign policy legacy or Trump "was written off". Reuters said, according to the campaign speech, Trump will tear up the Iran nuclear agreement, or to impose sanctions against Cuba, in addition to the Trump Obama troops to fight against Islamic extremism of armed groups is not recognized. Reported that, as a Democrat, Obama’s greatest diplomatic achievements are many of the highest executive power to bypass the Republican controlled Congress reached. When Trump became president, he had the highest executive power, and the legacy of these foreign policy would be fragile. The report also said that Obama had hoped his legacy will be submitted to the Democratic presidential candidate Hilary, but she lost the election, and Trump is a without any government or military office experience Republican businessman. Trump said in a speech in October, he entered the White House on the same day the abolition of each Obama government’s "unconstitutional administrative order" or other memorandum of agreement ", but he did not say" unconstitutional "who should decide. Reported that Trump spokesman did not respond to his further plans. Editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: