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Wengjie Ming, Ren Zhengxiao took office in Henan Provincial Committee – Sohu news last night (October 13th), wengjie Ming, Ren Zhengxiao’s name appears in the present Henan province to commemorate the victory of the long march of the Red Army 80 anniversary of the leadership of the province on the list of symphonic poetry. It is understood that Weng Li, Ren Ren Henan provincial committee. Last night, the two new members of the Standing Committee for the first time in Henan. Last night, by the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the provincial press and publication victory of the long march of the Provincial Department of culture, radio and Television Bureau, the Provincial Department of education, Provincial Federation sponsored "Long March — the Eternal Poem" Henan province to commemorate the 80 anniversary of the symphonic poetry held in Henan Art Center theater. Xie Fuzhan, Chen Runer, Ye Dongsong, the leadership of Deng Kai, Weng Jieming, Wu Tianjun, Zhao Suping, Ren Zhengxiao, Li Wenhui, Tao, attended the symphonic poetry myeongryun. Symphonic poetry in the chorus "Long March songs?" farewell started. Poetry is divided into "long memory?", "Long March? The Central Plains" and "Long March? Heritage" three chapters. Take the poetry recitation, symphony, chorus of combining form, will be extremely rich or powerful or long reading and music, vivid reproduction of the glorious history of the Long March, the majestic shaking heaven and earth of the long march spirit, profound interpretation of the rich connotation and era value, make people think in shock, in pursuit of meditation. Wengjieming resume wengjie Ming, male, Han nationality, born in May 1963, Shanghai, graduate, doctor of literature researcher. June 1986 joined the Communist Party of China, in August 1983 to participate in the work. 1979.09 – 1983.08 Chinese Fujian Normal University Department of Chinese language and literature specialty, bachelor’s degree; twenty-one middle school teachers in Fujian province Fuzhou City, 1983.08 – 1985.09; 1985.09 – 1987.07 China Academy of social sciences research graduate journalism graduate school of Journalism and administrative management professional students, Ren Department of Youth League secretary, Communist Youth League Chinese Academy members won master’s degree in law; 1987.07 – 1988.11 China Academy of Social Sciences Committee full-time cadres; Deputy Secretary of 1988.11 – 1991.06 Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Committee (during 1990.02 – 1990.12 China Shangluo Academy of Social Sciences in Shaanxi Province five counties grassroots exercise; 1991.06 – 1994.10 general manager) Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, director of the Party committee secretary of the Communist Youth League and the Youth Work Office Dangban director of publicity department, Youth Social Science Director of research center; 1994.10 – 1997.10 China Academy of Social Sciences Research Institute Deputy Secretary of Party committee and discipline committee, director of the social science research center of youth (during 1996.05 – 1997.08 attachment Deputy Secretary of Shaanxi provincial Party committee; 1997.10, Danfeng) 1998.09 Chongqing municipal Party committee propaganda department vice minister (attachment); 1998.09 – 2002.12 Chongqing municipal Party committee propaganda deputy minister, director of the Municipal Office of Spiritual Civilization Construction Committee (1996.09 – 1999.07 Hebei University)相关的主题文章: