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Kunming intermediate people’s Court of 10 years does not give up for the parties to recover damages – transnational Beijing Beijing in October 25 Yingjiang Xinhua (Cui Wen) by Yunnan Province, Kunming City Intermediate People’s court insisted for nearly 10 years, a Burma representative on the 25 day to the territory of Yingjiang County of Yunnan province China, Mr. Fu Yanmin paid 10 years ago under the penalty for breach of contract. December 2005 Kunming intermediate people’s court accepted the case of a lawsuit in Burma Mr. Fu Yanmin contract breach. "At that time, I came to Yingjiang to do business with Burma, because business needs, with a Burma agency signed a cooperation contract." Mr. Fu Yanmin recalled, because the other has not to perform the contract, the contract signed and agreed that the performance of the contract by Chinese legal protection, after unsuccessful and other rights, eventually filed a lawsuit to the court of Kunming. November 17, 2006, the Kunming intermediate people’s court decision. The defendant, Burma, a body should be liquidated damages Fu Yanmin 1755640.40 yuan and interest. "Because the defendant is not in China, the implementation is very difficult." Mr. Fu Yanmin said that in the first few years he took the verdict to find each other rights also useless. "Slowly I also gave up, because there is no way." Now you can get 10 years ago, the default payment is to pay for the unexpected, "this thanks to the Kunming intermediate people’s court for my perseverance perseverance". According to the implementation of the case judge Zheng Yun introduction, the biggest difficulty lies in the implementation of the defendant is not in china. "After our investigation and evidence collection, the defendant holds a stake in a company in china." After understanding the situation, the Kunming intermediate people’s court has frozen check node shares held by the Chinese territory, even so, the defendant has not contact us." Zheng Yun said that in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, each year will go to the local seal continued to close the equity. Fortunately, did not give up, 10 years, the defendant took the initiative to contact us said to be willing to fulfill the contractual obligations, compensation for breach of contract in accordance with the law." Zheng Yun said. After a lapse of 10 years, Fu Yanmin met with an agency in Burma related personnel, the two sides signed the implementation of the settlement agreement. Burma, an agency to pay 2 million 500 thousand yuan to Fu Yanmin, to fulfill the obligations of repayment. (end)相关的主题文章: