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"The first grade" screening test incoming Chen Xinzhe left "out of words" – Sohu   entertainment; Chen Xinzhe lines off sad news one week Tuanzhan entertainment Sohu, a week of screening, Hunan satellite TV, the original program "the first grade" fast to do not stop. Graduate students in the experimental class this week will start the second round of screening test, also invited DeYiShuangXin the famous performing artist Cai Ming teacher as a guide for students. The last time Wu Yitao Cobain admitted to screening out of regret, battered Cobain students rallied to defend Cobain honors. But in the situation has some bad, Zhao Zhiwei Lee Shamin sub dispute leads to confidence frustrated, Chen Xinzhe sad face elimination crisis related lines. All this makes a soft heart loura teacher again, emotional tears Chen Xinzhe admitted the problems of screening teacher Cai Ming personally guided teaching lines screening test and in strikes, Cobain will show group of comic sketches and duel. "The first grade" in each period will be invited master tutor to help teaching, the screening test lines circulating on the Internet, all kinds of speculation, some people predicted that the now hot Song Xiaobao and Jia Ling may join the comedy star. However, the appearance of the teacher Cai Ming scared all the students, users can not help but sigh, this is the master of the master, the senior predecessors ah! The first grade to help guests to have so heavy?" The arrival of Cai Ming teacher, the most happy when the students. In the screening, to interpret Cai Ming is the classic teacher, one can get the guidance, all of a sudden a lot of big odds. But there was a man on the brink of danger, and that was Chen Xinzhe. I heard that Chen Xinzhe to play a skit, the Internet has been questioned, "Malaysia is the bar of it, speak a little bit of an accent, there will not be a problem in the performance of the pieces of it?" Chen Xinzhe" Chen Xinzhe from the body movements, facial expressions, or lines, there are a lot of problems. Mr. Cai Ming also personally pitched guidance, and taught Cheats for comedy, Chen Xinzhe said, "is a serious mistake." Chen Xinzhe was out of fear of stay "last words" cry loura although the teacher Cai Ming, but the accent is not half will be able to correct. Mentor Chen Jianbin also said that the problem is very large, the possibility of being eliminated by the Chen Xinzhe. Faced with the crisis, some overwhelmed Chen Xinzhe ran to the lawn, a person silently crying. The students face discrimination problem, loura is pressure Alexander, heavy-hearted. She can only be incapable of action forced inner restlessness, accompanied the students again and again. However, Chen Xinzhe suddenly ran back to the classroom, to start their own partners out of words". See this scene of Lou teacher, finally unable to control their emotions, crying, pointing to Chen Xinzhe shouted, "one is allowed to go, not heard." The students also cried into a group, can not bear to face the imminent departure. Net friend "Xi" said, "this is not yet eliminated? Don’t be too sad." Do not know the face of the upcoming elimination, auditors have to turn grief into strength, go through?相关的主题文章: