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Liu Qibao in the research literature periodical development stressed   adhere to the high quality literature position – Politics – Xinhua news agency in Beijing on 8 October, October 8th, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau of CPC Central Committee, propaganda minister Liu Qibao to the Writers Publishing Group research literature periodical development, stressed the need to conscientiously study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping important speech in the work of the forum, always adhere to high quality literature ideal, literary position, in the face of difficulties, the firm faith, in the impetuous before beginning of the heart do not change, high standard to do good literary journals, constantly introduce excellent works of rich connotation and artistic value of ideas, to become lovers of literature spirit. Liu Qibao inspected the "people’s Literature", "poetry" and "national literature" editorial department, understand the basic situation of the current literature and journals, and literary journals and editors for in-depth exchanges. Liu Qibao pointed out that the outstanding literary periodicals are often times the benchmark, era who celebrated. We should support the creation of realistic themes as the focus, published and disseminated more times, biography for the excellent work people Shuhuai, guide the development of the times, writers pay attention to focus on the present life, people pay more attention to the mind, with literature records and depict this great era. To encourage diversity and personalized All flowers bloom together., creation, inclusive concept, techniques of exploration and innovation, the realistic expression is more rich and more colorful literary garden. Liu Qibao stressed that the editor’s aesthetic level and professional ethics, representing the level of literary journals. To attach great importance to editorial team construction, cultivate a broad vision, profound knowledge, art, keen to live firmly mind, endure high level of loneliness of editorial team. To guide the literary editor of improving professional quality, rich life experience, deeply involved in the creation, accumulation of profound literary accomplishment and excellent writing skills, have a pair of eye shalitaojin literature. To increase the training of young editors training and mentoring role in good old editor, literary beliefs, valuable experience, excellent style of inheritance, the cause of literature have qualified successors. Liu Qibao stressed that literary journals to adapt to the development of the Internet era, with the Internet to stimulate vitality and creativity, expand coverage and influence. We should pay attention to the network literature creation group, take the initiative to discover, unite with them and help them grow. We should actively use network technology, strengthen the interaction with the reader and the author, to create their own literary periodicals in network community, enhance the awareness of the young readers of periodical brand loyalty and bonding. (commissioning editor: Liu Juntao)相关的主题文章: